View Poll Results: How long do you plan to subscribe to SWTOR?

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  • Indefinitely

    93 22.20%
  • For another 3 months at least

    44 10.50%
  • Until Diablo III is released

    15 3.58%
  • Until Guild Wars 2 is released

    20 4.77%
  • Until Patch 1.2

    7 1.67%
  • Sub is currently running out

    32 7.64%
  • I'll reconsider once 1.2 is released

    23 5.49%
  • I'm not currently subscribed

    185 44.15%
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    been there till server start will be gone when server shuts down xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderSheephard View Post
    Nothing on the horizon appears to be better.

    (Yes, I have seen gw2. It looks like diet wow.)(also secret world looks convoluted and tera looks like more perfect world crap.)

    So at least 2 years I guess.
    Lol sorry but SWTOR is just a shitty wow with good leveling.... oh I guess graphics.... but that's to be expected when comparing games 7 years apart from eachother.

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    Haven't played much since launch. Still subbed and will probably continue cause I am so rich that I can not take the time to unsub it

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    I think what dakia says summed it up for me I love fhe game and will continue to love it, hell im deploying tomorrow and Ill play till the last minute tonight(while getting drunk ofc) and my dubbed will stay active while I'm gone the pvp is so much more fun then wow and the endgame could be harder but it will happen in time,
    Though I do play a warlock in wow and MoP looks interesting enough to give it a try

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    Stood in the Fire
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    I'll keep my sub until i dont enjoy the game anymore and right now i;m loving it.

    I signed up for 1 yr sub with wow after playing it for 7 yrs for diablo 3 i so regret that now, I havent played wow in over 3 months and I find wow so boring right now and the new panda shit..... pfft I've kind of lost interest.

    I really dont understand why ppl qq so much about the game, play the game for what it is not what it doesnt have by comparing it to wow. There are things that SWTOR has that wow doesnt have. I see the dev making a lot of changes and putting out new stuff but people just never seem to be happy. Oh well doesnt really effect me i guess.

    I tried warhammer online and rift, both games I didnt play for long. I think maybe a week max on each, they just didnt grab me.

    SWTOR did grab me and has pulled me away from wow. I love the game so I will keep my sub
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    Still subbed. Kind of Meh about the game, but thats because I'm bored of raiding and have no desire to bash my head against Nightmare modes for no new gear, but I've yet to do any of the republic stories, so those should hold me over until 1.2, and if I like that raid I'll certainly stay subbed.

    My plans right now is to check out Secret World and GW2. If either of them make me stop playing TOR then that is when my Sub ends. If I dislike them or want to spend time in both GW2 and TOR, then I'll keep my sub.

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    I originally bought 3 months for SWTOR thinking I'd be really into it for awhile. But I haven't played it in about a month, cancelled my subscription needless to say, at least for now.

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    Prolly will buy another game time card and see if the 1.2 patch really makes the difference. Most likely i will not buy gametime during summer, but this has nohing to do with SWTOR, it´s normal yearly habbit. Most likely will not get into Pandamania, but resub after summer to SWTOR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by re1gn1te View Post
    Lol sorry but SWTOR is just a shitty wow with good leveling.... oh I guess graphics.... but that's to be expected when comparing games 7 years apart from eachother.
    And this is why we shouldn't have these threads. Their is literally NOTHING that you can get constructively from them.

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    Depends on how good 1.2 is really, I may or may not resub.
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    I played for about a month. It was cool.

    However, one review I read put it best. "SWToR is the best single player MMO I have ever played" about summed it up for me. All in all, as it sits right now, I'd rather play WoW.

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    I dont see me unsub any time soon , unless they start doing blizzard's stuff on the game. So far i am entertained and i enjoy my war hero grinding, while waiting for 1.2

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    I'm having fun now, and patch 1.2 seems fun. Dont know if I always will subscribe, can see myself jumping between star wars, rift and gw2 depending on content updates

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    not subbed atm, will maybe check it out when 1.2 hits, but they're not really fixing the things that I dislike about the game, just putting in features that should have been in at launch.

    The endgame is the same as wow, so I just unsubbed and started playing wow again.
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    My sub ran out 10 days ago. I'll probably come back to check out 1.2. But I'm not into raiding and didn't enjoy the pvp so that kind of put me into no mans land for this game.

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    No options that fit me so didn't vote anything. Atm rerolling on a big server (tomb of freedon nadd) from a low populated server (scepter of ragnos). My subscription was just running out but I'm having fun and enjoying my new class (rerolling sentinel from commando, just getting a grasp on it and hopefully becoming a REAL nightmare for imps. 10/10 games won yesterday) so I've bought 2 more months. As long as I'm having fun and don't have other game I'll stay. But I do not believe I'll stick around for too long. I'm too afraid of many things that will ruin my experience, namely: I've heard reps don't do so well at lvl50 in pvp, and pvp is all I do. Most of all I'm afraid rated warzones will be dominated by imp premades and that would ruin my gameplay experience. I'm a solo player and one of the biggest reasons why I still keep playing swtor is that I can play solo and still get top gear possible, at least pvp-wise. That's a major reason for me to play and the moment I realise I can't get top pvp gear anymore by playing solo/or be discouraged to play by constantly losing to imp premades in normal/rated warzones -- I'll quit.

    TLDR: someone said here they quit because swtor is too much "single player", well I'll quit if they change that and I won't be able to get top pvp gear anymore by playing solo. As long as I can get top pvp gear by playing solo with decent (at the very least 50%, preferably much higher) winrate, I'll keep coming back probably until some really good mmo shows up.
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    Been playing since Beta, have no intention of stopping now.

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    I honestly dont know. I will play as long as I find it entertaining.
    I know that I will not leave for GW2 or Diablo III. The only thing in the future that might pull me away is Planetside 2.

    It is all up to Bioware to keep me entertained, and so far they are doing a decent job.
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    Not subscribed.

    I don't think 1.2 looks interesting enough for me to warrant a re-sub, 1.3 might do it though.

    However, overall I feel that this game needs a new expansion for me to really give it a chance again.
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    Until I'm not having fun with my friends anymore. Simple as that.

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