View Poll Results: How long do you plan to subscribe to SWTOR?

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  • Indefinitely

    93 22.20%
  • For another 3 months at least

    44 10.50%
  • Until Diablo III is released

    15 3.58%
  • Until Guild Wars 2 is released

    20 4.77%
  • Until Patch 1.2

    7 1.67%
  • Sub is currently running out

    32 7.64%
  • I'll reconsider once 1.2 is released

    23 5.49%
  • I'm not currently subscribed

    185 44.15%
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    Until TSW is released. So 2 months or so.

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    My sub is currently contingent on me continuing to enjoy the solo leveling experience. I would be surprised if I'm still subscribed in 6 months, but what'd make me cancel couldn't be described according to specific patches/dates.

    The changes to make raiding tighter in 1.2 may draw me into that gameplay, but I'm dissatisfied with the game's feel (in many ways, SWTOR at 30ms = WoW at 300ms).

    I also feel like Bioware's systems/approach for running an MMO are iffy. They act like it's a single/multi player game rather than a living environment, and try to cluster all control+direction in on themselves. I don't think that works for an MMO. They've brought great changes via their non-MMO experience, but until they understand the genre they'll never quite get it right.

    You're welcome to agree/disagree with that, but that's how it feels to me & it's not appealing to play a game that gives me that impression. If it wasn't for the exceptional rp-leveling approach I'd have quit already. From a gameplay perspective, it's tempting me to try Rift again and making me wish MoP was here already - I'm already looking for the next fun game in the back of my mind.
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    I'm absolutely in love with this game. The only gripe I have is the lack of a LFG tool and that's all but confirmed as going in soon. I really hope patch 1.2 kicks off a resurgence in interest in SWTOR - because I want there to be enough playing that the game will be going, and won't be F2P, for many years to come.

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