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    Help password

    Hi guys..
    A few days ago i bought the game but when i went on the main site of swtor to create an account i couldn't.
    I wrote my ID and my E-mail but i didn't get an answer.
    When i try to login they ask my password but when i created the account they didn't ask for it... so how can i create a password?

    I hope you can help me.
    PS: I know that my English is not so good but please help me ç_ç

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    Don't know what you mean by your ID and email as two separate entries since your login ID is your email.


    Try the password recovery link from the login page on the site and enter in the email address you used to create the account; see what it emails you.
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    I tryed it already but they didn't send me an E-mail with it... it's the 4 time i try.

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    Double check your e-mail you used for the account. They may have sent you a temporary password for account creation purposes. I can't remember if swtor does this or not as I created my account a long time ago.

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    There is no password with the activation E-mail so i can't convalidate my account and i can't get a new password cuz i don't have one..
    I don't know what to do..
    No password = No playing.

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    If you brought it from them make sure you login with your origin account and password then it should ask for your purfhase key and prompt you to make a password with security questions etc

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    Are you sure that you successfully created your account?

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