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    Holy crap.

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    They are BIG ! Like really big ! And the art is simply amazing ! I'm loving them so far

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    Reminds me of the awesomeness of Ulduar somehow... the big halls and all (That's in a good way )

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    They look so... Lush <3

    p.s. Am I allowed to QQ for the soul purpose of killing santa's Elves

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    wow something not recycled

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    doesn't look very fun... nothing to kill and eat :<

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    Quote Originally Posted by breath View Post
    Blizzard got some awesome instance designers, but even if the arts a really cool, the graphic still looks like vanilla.The old WoW graphic engine can't really stand compared to modern games =(.It doesn't really stop you to have fun, but makes the eyes sad.
    Did you read the beginning of the video? These dungeons are in their early stages and will change a lot. Most likely part of that will be the overall quality of the look of the dungeon. You could see from the video there were many unfinished parts, and parts that have not been polished yet. And the graphics still look like vanilla? You are kidding yourself. WoW now on Ultra, with dx11 and all that jazz looks like a different game almost from vanilla.

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    Just quickly looking at the vids(Not Fully), I get a very Ulduar Feel from the first one. A BC feel from the second one and Sunwell feel from the 3rd. But in unique ways that aren't bad.

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    Next time someone complains that MoP is a kiddie Kung Fu Panda knock-off...I'm linking them the Heart of Fear preview.

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    .... huggedabaa? .... fujjawutt? ... Sorry I've been rendered temporarily speachless AWESOME freaking designs man for me it would go Mogu>Sha>Mantid, not to say I don't LOVE the mantid one, I just don't love it quite as much as I love the other two REALLY can't wait to get in there and start pwning faces, and I HATE to play Devils Advocate... but I'm gunna, just because but I really hope the fights match the level of design they've put in for the actual RAID

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    Raids look sweet, but I don't know about the second one.... the brought back my old arch-nemesis as a boss. We meet again, "TEMP".

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    I think they all look awesome, I would just like to see the trees in Terrace of the Endless Spring changed to blossoming Cherry Trees if I could suggest anything. I just think it would look amazing, and it would make the architecture pop. It would also keep they eye from traveling up the cliffside too much (if they keep the same texture on the mountains which looks good from far away, but worse the closer you get)
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    If the raids themselves use as much creative capital as it took to create the raid settings themselves, then I am cautiously optimistic about MOP raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostforwords View Post
    So these are the three raids that will come with Patch 5.0?
    My question also or will these be staggered. How do you handle tiers of gear? 3 raid same tier sort of pointless. The last one does not look so complete so possible 5.1. Either way very nice I must say.

    What has been made by QQ can be unmade by QQ!!!

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    The raids look amazing can't wait to see what's lurking inside :3.

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    I spent the whole time trying to count potential boss rooms, AKA Big Circle areas I dont think blizzard could be more obvious there were soo many circles in those vids =p

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    Very nice looking i'm excited after the terrible Firelands and Dragon Soul environments (not bosses just the look of the places, and yes I know DS was put together from parts of other stuff in world but that was really fricken lazy). @Puremallace, Those are scheduled for release with 5.0. Supposed to have 3 raids with 14 bosses was what was announced when the NDA was lifted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puremallace View Post
    My question also or will these be staggered. How do you handle tiers of gear? 3 raid same tier sort of pointless. The last one does not look so complete so possible 5.1. Either way very nice I must say.
    I think the last one is the shortest of the three raids, ala Throne of the Four Winds.

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    Looks like 5-6 Bosses in Mogu raid, 4-5 Bosses in the Mantid raid, and 2-3 Bosses in the Sha raid.

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