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    Would I like priest?

    So, I have been struggling to find a class I really enjoy. I currently have a 84 priest (sor) and from past experience a class does not really show its true colors until end game.

    I have a mage, shaman, and dk at 85. I really despise dps, i raided on my mage through sunwell and was constantly near the top sometimes beating warlocks and legendary rogues. I really hate rotations, they are soooo boring. I truied tanking but it is more of the same with a little more freedom. Now healing... its fun. I love how things have priority and not rotations. There never seems to be a set way to approach an encounter.

    I like shaman healing however it is very situational where many times it lacks and sometimes it is great. My question is how well do you like priest healing? Two vastly different healing specs is interesting. Anyone that has played a shaman how different is playing a priest?

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    I'm really not a healing guy. Always dpsed but i managed to get a priest to 85 and its kinda fun , i really love discipline with lots of tools etc

    I can't see myself healing every raid though , i would die , i need more action. But i'll most likely pvp with him , arena too

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    Priests are fun to play as healer both discipline and holy. Tho they are very different from shaman in healing playstyle. Noone really can answer to your question just try one and you will see if you like it.

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