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    Memory leak in Voidstar???

    Just a heads up this has happened more than once. I was in Voidstar the other day when in the middle of the match, my game froze. I went into my task manager to force close it to find SWTOR running at 3.7 million memory http://tinypic.com/r/332sf1v/5. Just to note, I have 8 gigs of RAM. Wth is going on? =/

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    There are memory leaks in alot of places.

    Other notable places are the planets Alderan and Corelia

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    Is bioware aware of this or do I need to bring this up to them? i really dont wanna deal with waiting forever to get a response

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    There was a huge memory leak at Taris that was corrected pretty fast after launch, I dont know why they havent fixed the other planets wich arent as bad as taris was but its noticable after a couple hours on those planets.

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    Definitely does look like a memory leak. No game should use up that much RAM if it's freeing objects correctly (objects that aren't freed use up memory, and if new ones are created and also not freed, the memory usage just piles up until either the application crashes, or any sort of "load balancing" kicks in and splits it off into a seperate process). The fact they've got 2 processes for the game there indicates that they either anticipated something like this was possible (i.e. they admitted there may be bad coding) or they intended for it to use up that much memory.

    Since there's a 4GB limit on how much memory a single process can use (this applies to 64-bit Windows too, and isn't the same as the physical limitation associated with 32-bit), it'd appear they've thought of this possible outcome. Regardless, it's still worth reporting as it's a pretty major fault.

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    You should definitely report it. Every time something like this pops up you should report it.

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