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    I just dodged my first queue. 2nd pick calls jungle first pick locks in shaco and says he is jungling second pick locks in jungle and says fuck him he's jungling. so they decided on two junglers and im sorry but no. why doesnt everyone in ranked want to actually win rather than have fun. ranked is not for fun its for competing. go play normal blind pick for fun and gtfo ranked...

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    So at this moment i'm in a blind random and they made me go support tryndamere...i want to die.

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    ARGGG!!! Of all things, lag at the champ select screen makes me pick TF as our AD carry! Could have been worse. It was almost Tryndamere or Urgot as I panicked and clicked the nearest AD champ. Stupid summoner spells.

    (I dodged)

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    AD TF works fine, but its no Kog/Graves/Trist With stun and a proper support ganks are easy and plenty. Noct + TF = ravage shit and scare the living hell out of them.
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    Zoning 3 people as taric....we still loose the game because ashe refuse to get guardian angel against ap tristana and WW on my team get double trinity.

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    i like this thread...its like a no bullshitting around literally just vent your rage thing...quite productive actually...I'm going to rage about supports that dont say they aren't going to support and i choose carries that do well with supports and then fuck off and leave the carry to solo bot against 2 fed cunts that HE FED!!! ARRRRRGGGHHH many annoy....many.....annoy...
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

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    I wanted to play AP mid but someone picked one after I did and autolocked it, so I picked an AD bottom. We have 1 spot left, the person never said a word. They just locked Kayle for support, which normally I'm like "really?" but I was thinking hey, let's just give this guy a chance. Maybe he'll really try.

    Nope. Not one support item. One ward the entire game after I said something. Disrupted my last hitting and rarely went anywhere with the team. Even went into bushes we retreat-pinged multiple times, "don't go in there"... yep, they died to 5 people. 3 times they did it. Sigh. The icing on the cake was when the Graves on the other team (with his soraka support) made fun of me because he outfarmed me that game. I spent most of that game just trying to keep them from repeatedly killing my shitty-ass support. SDKFJLDSKFJ
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    ARGHH, Trundle jungle. on lvl 3 i picked up fb in mid and counterjungled tryn right after taking his blue and red. cleaned his jungle. on lvl 6 he was lvl 3 and i could freely take his jungle. our top feeds their amumu, lost game

    #@$*($&#*$*#$#&$&#*$&#$&$&*$ (and more random signs for utter frustation!)

    aah that helped
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    This is one of the few times I have BMed LoL.

    The game started with Master Yi going for blue buff, i pulled it and ashe helped Master Yi with shooting at it a bit, after Yi passed around half health and was clearly going to kill the golem, he ran away, complained why we didnt help him and started over. He was level 2 when I was lvl 6 .

    Jarvan was doing fine at top, Kayle was awful but Ashe was pretty ok. I got some early ganks off and snowballed insanely, everytime I was going for blue though, Master Yi would run and steal it from me, I tried to explain to him why he shouldnt do it the first times, then I just called him a retard -.-.

    Jarvan ragequit after awhile since Master Yi was so awful, I managed to get 3 kills at their Baron attempt, but then Lee Sin killed my entire team. After my team completely abandoned me a couple of times for no reason, we surrendered. This game made me lose hope in both the LoL community and humanity. I hope things get better once I switch to EUW, but I doubt it

    (Also master yi I hate you, you ruined my mood for the rest of the day, please delete this game and never play it again. I am so fucking pissed I almost smashed my keyboard because of you RAWWR)
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    So I died stupidly from staying to defend mid from a fed Ziggs as Janna (low health post team fight). He caught me offguard, whatever. I also keep getting blamed for my AD carry dying to Urgot despite the fact that Janna runs bone dry on mana when you have to shield your AD every millisecond and tornado urgot/janna away because Urgot landed every single E on your carry.

    I'm in the base just after ressing, buying wards, when our AP Kog'maw yells in chat "WTF JANNA WHY DID YOU ULT? I COULDA KILLED ZIGGS BUT YOU LET HIM GET AWAY"

    Keep in mind, I've been dead for ~30 seconds and in base for about ~10 seconds waiting for another ward. I look down at my skill bar. R isn't on cooldown.

    The Kog continues to argue with me for a couple minutes about the fact that I was in the base and not involved in the team fight. So I /all chatted to the Ziggs Kog's theory about how he survived the attack. Ziggs pretty much said, "lolwut."

    Support takes all the blame for the AD not buying boots/etc. to deal with Urgot, for our Lee-Sin missing his Q on ganks, for being low on mana saving our AD's ass every possible moment of the lane phase, etc.

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    Joined a 5s with a Teemo, junglin' Twitch & an Evelynn.

    brb, slamming head on keybahudhuaduhasjhdzxjk<zjxjnk<zx<zlxklx mkldqw k¤ !#4u81394 koe awde aldas

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    Currently sitting in my longest game, 73min and going strong. 49-47 to our team and the balance just keeps bouncing back and forth. :|
    "Life is like a bowl of soup. You only get blown if you are hot."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roos View Post
    [/COLOR]Currently sitting in my longest game, 73min and going strong. 49-47 to our team and the balance just keeps bouncing back and forth. :|
    How many towers are still up at 73 min in

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    Start 3-0-6 as Gragas.

    Teemo goes 0-11-4 on bot lane.


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    We had all our towers down except that last 2 at base + 1-3 inhibs down from time to time. They still had top tower left, but we had cleared mid/bot tower. Really frustrating game that we ended up losing :>
    "Life is like a bowl of soup. You only get blown if you are hot."

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    Playing sona to support a Vayne at bottom. Ashe/Jax bot lane - no support. Should be easy yeah? We allow them to push with Vayne and I doing some solid harass against Jax. Our jungler trundle never comes except once. The enemy lee sin ganks us a few times after the lane resets, but we kill him once. Meanwhile, top lane is GP vs olaf, and our GP is getting stomped. Olaf eventually gets to freefarm, and our karthus has not apparently learned how to farm with Karthus (Press q and stand away from creeps) allowing the enemy Viktor to basically screw him over.

    Vayne may have flashed away from my heal twice, but she and I were the only ones who actually won our lane. Felt bad man. We were destroyed by a crazy fed Loaf.

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    I'm surprisingly alright with this, with a few rules.

    1. Don't name and shame people.
    2. Keep it in reason, don't go on massive flame fests filled with over the top vulgarity and/or detailed descriptions of how you want to hurt someone.
    3. Keep it civil. Don't trash talk other posters.

    So, generally the usual forum rules.

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    Yet again I had another garbage game.

    Friend of mine was Veigar, and I was Tristana with a Lulu support bot. Had Cho'Gath and WuKong who were top and kept talking smack saying "Oh man were going to dominate". The two uptop give up a double first blood. Mid-game i'm semi-fed with 8-2 and Lulu disconnects. We get into a 4v5 team fight and we suprisingly get out with only my friend dying and killing 2 of them so I backoff. However, Cho and Wu chase the remaining 3 down at near full health all the way across the map. Gave the team just enough time to respawn and kill them leaving just me and Veigar to defend base.

    I don't mind the trash talking, but when you're a complete idiot and you can't back it up just please save me the trouble and not queue.

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    it's sad how many more trolls i've been running into in normals compared to ranked.

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    AP TEEMO!!!!! I really hate people who take a shitty build then proceed to not only show why it's so shitty, but do everything possible to play like a completely different build. This Teemo acted like he was AD, and I think I only ever saw 1 mushroom that was his placed. This and NO ONE would push a lane if their life depended on it. I think we had one tower down because of minions, and I was able to get mid down to about half with no help. It was a good test in learning Moakai cause every lane but bot was doing good in the beginning, but damn all we needed was to take towers!

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    Amumu got fed to the point where I was hitting for only double digit damage on him, so was that Sion. Not to mention having 3 teammates with double digit deaths...
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