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    I'm probably about a good 2 or more failed promotions from the hell of Bronze 3 from quitting ranked.. EVERY time I get up for promotion, I get one game with an afker on my team. It's happened 4 times now... Then I'll lose a second because top AND mid both suck and cry because, as jungle, I can't be in two places at once. :/

    ... I shoulda given up after losing 9 out of 11 placement matches. YES. 11. I had a loss forgiven and had to do one more. 3 games with afkers. 4 trolled games.... 2 I just did bad in...

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    I've had a bad night to say the least, I actually raged for the first time in awhile in a game. I'll be honest, I really hate raging it just shows how shitty of a person you are and I avoid it as much as I attempt too... There is no excuse for the rage I had last game.
    Hey everyone

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    Really bad night for me. I got up to 70 lp in a really good game spree from 40 today with 5-7lp win matches...just to lose 7 games in a row where I had 2 leavers, people that literally went 0-10 before 7min, and none of the games were even CLOSE. all the way back down to 3 LP.

    needless to say this is awful. can't believe I lost 15 lp for a game where bottom fed literally 10 kills before the 7min mark. It's literally taken me all week to get to the 50 mark in silver 1 because of these terrible +5 lp wins and 12-15 losses. Threw it all away ez mode...

    edit: just as i thought it was going to get worse and probably get demoted because I got put into support(I NEVER play support). The good thing is I play alot of top/mid/adc thresh in normal for the lawlz... so I have alot of practice playing thresh. Turned that losing streak around with a sick thresh game where I got lots of props, and a 18 point gain for doing so!
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    I'm the Syndra. I wish there would be a strictly SOLO QUEUE option. No premade arseholes, who suicide over and over again in the last 10 minutes because "the game is lost anyway". It's always like this. The Vlad was also suiciding over and over again to Nasus after he lost top to him. He just went into him, didn't manage to take even a quarter of his HP, died and said shit like "GUYS I DON'T THINK MY BUILD WORKS".

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    I know, you can't read a lot from these pictures but still. And i don't know if it was actually my fault we lost this game. Let me explain.

    First (Mistake?)

    Teammates told me we lost this TF because i was dicking around our inhib to much (tower down) while they followed Zed and Kha into our jungle. And I was, rightly so, scared of their Nasus who was fed to hell and back. Nasus would be on my ass 24/7, was constantly forced to use my ulti defencivly and I only had Leona to actually peel for me. I eventually got Nasus down after a lot of strugle. But then my team would be bursted down by Zed and Kha. After all this was over only Kha was still up. So just barely lost that team fight.

    Second (mistake?)

    Enemy team was on baron. When my team and I arrive at baron to contest it they already had it almost in Smite range so I figured they would get it and I would W to my red buff to quickly take it and get back to base. But as soon I do this J4 engages and the rest follows him to their deaths. When I see this I immediately turn around and try to get into the fight. I can only get a few shots off before my team dies. So I run and survive, but we still lose the game because they pushed our Nexus.

    I also bought a GA after my second DMG item because I knew I would get nuked down at some point.

    I'm know i'm partially to blame but can you blame this all on me?...
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    Constant rotation of win a ton, get to promotion series, lose em all. Rinse and repeat. Stuck in same division for a decade. Fuck this game and its afkers, role inflexible people, and downright twats.

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    Loving the new map, played champs I hadn't used in years. There being no real hidden elo yet is making me pull out my hairs though, silver torture.

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    Ugh, that game was painful in so many ways.

    Died 4 times in the first 15ish minutes. Got alot of rage etc but let me explain.

    Was in solo queue, apparently enemy team was 4 premade (wasn't much better than ours), I was mid lane ryze against diana with enemy jungler as jax. I get ganked at the 2:30 mark, easily evade. Get ganked at around 3:24 from the opposite side, had to pop flash but no problem. Get ganked again at 5, this time diana catches me with her knock up along with jax's stun and I go down. I revive, buy boots and health pots as well as a tear. Go back to lane by this point its around 6-6:30 minutes in. By this point I find out I can't farm minions because diana has her ulti and while I was dead on top of the two assists she already had our jungler, a damage xin, decided it would be smart to stroll into my lane and attack diana giving her a kill. By this point she out of reach of me controlling her so I figured I'd stick under turret and keep the minions my end as much as possible, as well as buy 3 wards and ward both rivers. I then get ganked at the 7:30ish minute mark by jax, not from river so my wards were ineffective, but he came straight out of the mist into a tower dive and stun. I was at around 1/3 health potting up because of diana and go down pretty much instantly. By this time I'm getting raged alot, I havent had a gank from xin once (and don't get one the whole game) instead I get one from elise which doesn't quite kill her. By 10 minutes I get ganked for the fifth time. I say ganked, I got tower dived by a diana and jax while I was at full health (jax from the turret behind me so I couldnt run backwards, and I saw him run past xin to get there kinda expecting xin to stop him). Just as I die caitlyn, leona and eventually xin decides its a good idea to show up and kill diana. I get called a feeder and facepalm super hard because jax only managed that because xin let him get there and hold my lane for a while.

    After that the match resumes like any other match, barring the enormous rage at me, in the end I hadn't died from the 25 minute mark to the end of the game which was 52 minutes and had managed to pull my score back quite a bit to 5/7/15. We lost the game because for some reason my team watched them get baron, then at this point decided to ambush all five of them (and this is the enemy teams second baron, as well as they had all the dragons and more kills) With our reasonably fed caitlyn as the forfront of the attack...I facepalmed super hard for even thinking about ambushing a 5v5 teamfight instead of defending and we lost the game. I then got told that we lost that because me and xin got caught out in jungle too much (????) when I in fact didn't get caught out in jungle once...and hadn't actually died for the past 25 minutes of the game.

    I had the 2nd highest damage to champs as well as 2nd most farm and I kept levels with the diana too.

    Sorry, frustrating match.
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    Just come across the most toxic players I have ever played against. Constant stream of abuse, ranging from 'Hope your nan gets cancer and dies' and plenty of 'U mad bro' and even an easy at the end of a game (4v5, 50 min game, real easy?). Makes me sick, since we were winning that until our Ez had to go, kicked out an abhorrent excuse that their friend had cancer and they had to talk to them...

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    I just played my first game vs lissandra. I demand loss forgiven as something is clearly broken. She is the most retarded champion ever released by Riot. She is the new wheelchair of LoL. Sure it's my fault that I didn't dodge it.. but seriously... this seems to be the marketing strategy. Release super OP champion so everyone buys it and then nerf it in a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by That Feel View Post
    Release super OP champion so everyone buys it and then nerf it in a week.
    Well, UP champs don't sell.
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    somebody put me out of my f***in misery... its either here have a champ that sucks on this map and you never played, here have a champ good for this map but all your team m8s are melles and the oposite team has janna nidale and ashe, or its balanced team but there is always a kamikaze guy that goes alone before the team moves out of the base
    someone else might have gotten it wrong.

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    Where to start.

    Vi tries to gank me at red and fails. PRedicting it I drive her back(I'm playing Sej), I ping for help. Lee is passing right by Twin Golems as Wukong and Vi return to red. Lux is still mid, Lee heads to top lane. I manage to smite red and escape. So no help from those lanes. Nunu buys 4 wards out of a 30 min game. Entire team goes 50/50 on kills and deaths, and they all blame me for the loss and report me.
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    lose like 10 straight games in aram because every enemy team have ap nid and blitzcrank

    Will be missed ~

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    lose like 10 straight games in aram because every enemy team have ap nid and blitzcrank
    I easily lost to those two. People just keeps getting grabbed/poked to death. I gave up on the Blitzcrank one mid-game because not only we knew we were going to lose, but RL needed something from me. So I kinda cared less if I got reported or not.
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    WTB a ban phase for ARAM.
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    I almost lost to a Nidalee, but her team was pretty bad so we avoided killing her for a long time in the start (12-0-5 Nidalee with tear/boots OP). When she died, she got archangel + Deathcap But the Tear bug made her lose all her stacks. Still hit for ~75% after that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by That Feel View Post
    Release super OP champion so everyone buys it and then nerf it in a week.

    They offer you a game that you can play for free and you can play it without ever having to pay for it, but I guess they're the bad guys for wanting to feed their employees.

    On the topic of Lissandra, nobody knows how to beat her yet.
    I've played her alot and I can say this: If you dodge my Q poke you can burst me down, since W and E have really long cooldowns (especially early game).

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    I am fairly positive Lissandra will end borderline weak for average player. But you know mouthbreathers...

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    I overall like ARAM a ton, and I don't expect ppl to know champs very well, and I almost never complain about people on my team while we are still playing, but I actually got really mad at this Anivia on my team, enough to say something (but it was only "dammit, stop blocking me").

    I was Volibear, in the bushes a lot, ready to charge into their TF or Quinn or Ashe (whoever was closest) and Anivia blocked me with her walls....again and again and again. It happened about 5 times before I got really upset, and it was a bit embarrassing how mad I got (I'm laughing about it now) but I reported em. I don't think I've ever reported anyone before for things that weren't an attitude/chat problem.

    It was bad enough that most of the team would go after Garen first (especially our "pro" Diana who explained that "if we attack Garen first Quinn and them will give up and run away"), but to be denied on a regular basis when one of the carries finally got bad positioning...I could have spat at that Anivia.
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