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    You gotta wonder how little people actually read when they just jump into a thread and think it's about WoW. Oh well.
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    Does anyone else get angry when a legendary skin shen starts strafing left and right behind u while you're taunted/stunned? Like, they spam click, but they do it in a useless way. Just pisses me off how good they think they are when they do that when they're spam clickers and op, rofl.

    I guess like that it could fit in this thread, lol? :P

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    Yeah, that's.. oddly appropriate.

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    Nocturne decided to give Lulu first blood at level 2 (and a free blue) and it all kind of spiralled out of control from there, with Nocturne pretty much running around the map feeding kills.


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    Nocturne decided to give Lulu first blood at level 2 (and a free blue) and it all kind of spiralled out of control from there, with Nocturne pretty much running around the map feeding kills.

    Did their Poppy actually jungle or just took Smite to troll? Because I don't see how Jungle Poppy would work.

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    I've been waiting for the opportunity to post in this thread for quite a while now, and (un)luckily, I just had a game that qualifies.

    I soloqueued for a normal 5v5 for first win of the day, picked jungle Rammus, since noone else picked anything for like 20 seconds. After a little while, my teammates chose Graves, Janna and Xerath, the last person didn't choose anything until there was 5 seconds left, after which he picked GP and said that he wouldn't solo lane because he hates it.
    We get into the game, and the first thing GP says is "fuckk off". I then assured him that he'd be fine, since they didn't have a jungler, so he'd outlevel them quite fast. He then told me to gank as soon as I could, to which I agreed. Then 1 minute and 40 seconds in he said "fuckking jungler useless", cause apparently he thinks that it's everybody else's fault that he has to solo top as GP. Anyway, I went to gank top as soon as I got red buff, but surprisingly enough, GP's reaction was to just stand still in his lane and say "Go fuckking noob", while I was powerballing towards Alistar. As we got Alistar to 50% health, their Wukong showed up, and I decided to run away so they wouldn't get 2 free kills. GP, however, apparently thought that he could kill both of them alone, and blamed me when he died. I then decided to have some fun and piss him off by saying something along the lines of "Protip: you shouldn't call your jungler a noob ". GP didn't like this, so he proceeded to tell me how he'd steal, burn and destroy my whole family, and how me and my sister should suck his balls. (I don't even have a sister)

    After that, I decided not to help top anymore, and noticed, when I came bot, that our Graves had a 0/6 score and was only about level 7.

    The weirdest part of this is that we actually won, though.
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    Did their Poppy actually jungle or just took Smite to troll? Because I don't see how Jungle Poppy would work.
    She jungled. Slow as hell to begin with, but her ganks are decent and once she'd been fed a few kills she really got rolling. I took Rylai's pretty much purely to kite her around.

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    Did their Poppy actually jungle or just took Smite to troll? Because I don't see how Jungle Poppy would work.
    Had 3 consecutive jungle Poppies against me, they lost all 3 games. Its not terrible, just very blue reliant early game. She is one hell of a diver though, so pretty much a guaranteed kill on botlane past level 6.
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    duo queue with a friend. second game get a first pick that insists on top, picks gangplank and has to lane against panth. feeds all game and complains about it. also had a malzahar second pick you got countered by swain and proceeded to feed the swain and their camping j4 jungler. why can't i support good teams >.>

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    /rant on

    Me and my friends started tracking our ranked rating progress, and this is my friends graph after some weeks,

    he basically gave up on the game after this. We both have played since american beta, at one time we were at top 500 when they started doing top 500 lists (back in GOA era), and in the first twisted Treeline tournament sponsored by razer we got shafted in the semis by alth0r and sleasyweazy and whatever the thrid guys name was. So we are not noobs at this game, but we are no pros either =p we just play for fun once in a while but lately it just seems the players just get worse and worse, and after loosing so many games i have also given up hope, (i have a dota 2 key maybe i should just jump back to the dota scene again (we played loads and loads of dota before playing lol).

    /rant off

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    90 games.

    Here's a graph of someone who recorded their way to Platinum (missing the first 14 games). Note how he had a 200 Elo drop and did not give up.


    Come back when you got the other 300 done. Sidenote, you say you 'occasionally' play. That's an awesome way to not improve yourselves. It takes repetition to really keep up your own pace.
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    what i mean with occasionally is
    11hr 30min
    3hr 30min
    2hr 40min
    2hr 20min

    Im still counting the list but its about that much each day, when we played,
    thats just the last 90 games after i started tracking

    but thanks for the link anyways maybe he´ll start playing again
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    Was playing as soraka for fun with a friend. Our jungler (Jarvan) was doing a excellent job in his jungle, and our top (Akali) did even a better job; she raped Warwick multiple times at his own blue who fell pretty much behind after. But ofcourse, she got too cocky together with Jarvan, and dived in every time and Warwick and co got fed while my friend was raging about the other Cait (he played Cait too) and how she was outfarming him ._. /sigh
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    Enemy Sion was fed so by 20 minutes he was 16-0.

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    God, I just ragequit for the first time. I'm so fucking pissed right now.
    My last 7 games went like this : Enemy gets away with <10hp, I die by last tick of ignite and my enemy laner gets babysitted.
    I think i've missed 40 kills that got away with under 100 hp. atleast. in 7 games, and im not overexaggerating. Meanwhile my lane got ganked over 5 times each game, and I died by stupid stuff like random Ez ults that werent even meant for me or last ticks of Fizz W's and ignite. It was also blind pick with my friend, And I got counterpicked (in blind) in 4 out of 7 games aswell.

    I'm 100% sure that I'm the unluckiest LoL player on the planet. I'm willing to bet 1000 euro on it.
    God, so infuriating, worst game night of my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by athanasios View Post
    Hello and welcome to Galio Ultimate.

    Also, Nasus is melee, so easy to kite. Sure, nothing much to defend himself with, but he doesn't deal more damage than the carry. Hence, focus the carry, then nasus or whatever. That's pretty basic.
    Were you the Vayne? <.<
    First we are obviously talking about a team battle... and you're not going to be doing a whole lot of kiting.

    Second... you need to look up his siphoning strike. If he is good... and plays it right. You can get siphoning strike hitting up in the thousands. (if crits)

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    unlimited range ultimates = bullshit

    there I said it

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    I don't normally get raged at, but yesterday seemed to be the day to rage at me. I don't play in long chunks, so even just a few games is demoralizing. First it was because I picked whimsy instead of glitterlance on lulu (which was the cause of him dying 4 times in lane, I guess, when he kept pushing too far in), and second. . .I don't really know why. It started when our jungler failed a gank in bot lane with me on janna. I got a charged tornado into the carry, shield up on trist, got burst down low enough that I retreated (and I was near oom anyways from needing to pop shield on trist or use q to get vayne off of her).

    We won both games, and I for the most part kept them off our carries. I can only assume he kept calling me bad on janna because I wasn't doing something he wanted me to do (or because sometimes I charge up tornado just to get the other team to back off when our carries are retreating, so it looks like I'm sending the tornado after nothing. Maybe that's bad). It sucks because I'm still relatively new to the game (hit 25 last night!) and I don't always know if I really am doing something wrong or someone's overreacting. Bah.

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    I don't know how many times I've had horrible games but the stories people have told in this thread happen to me everyday just different on which happens, but I'm more on the fact that when I Taric it's the other team who has the shitty raging game which you can see in /all chat and that just tells me something, is Taric OP or what, he never dies when I play him.
    Hey everyone

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    If its brought with a lot of swearing, assume its not true. If its being brought somewhat sensibly, check it out or ask further. Sometimes I ask "Fine, what'd you want me to do instead?" and the reaction will let you know just what kind of player they are.
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    AP Evelyn roam in lobby, I decide to let it go. She doesn´t get a single kill except for a kill steal, she doesn´t counterjungle, she doesn´t attempt to kill their Yi jungler or anything.

    I crush my lane, I go 7-0 before the teamfights start. Since LB was getting stomped so hard she went to gank, I constantly pinged her incoming and called SS but she still got a triple kill, followed by many more kills. We win a teamfight despite being down like 10 kills (all thanks to me), but my team was just so useless (did I mention top land jungle lost aswel) and we lost. Then I get blamed by our Lee Sin for the loss, because I only hit 3 people with my ult in the teamfight.

    ELO hell doesn´t exist they said.

    You can carry your games they said.

    I feel like quitting this game.
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    Mid Brand vs Morgana. Beating her in CS but I accidentally fumble a kill when she dives me, misclicking ignite, letting her get away. No biggied, confident I can beat her. Their Nocturne then procedes to CAMP THE HELL out of my lane. He ulti's me 4 times in a fucking row the second I step in front of my turret. Meanwhile, despite this, our Udyr isn't conterjungling and instead failing ganks. Top lane Tryndamere is against Jax (I told him we should swap. He didn't say anything and went for top) is getting wrecked. Our bot lane Soraka/Morgana is trading kills with their Ashe/Leona constantly. Basically I'm getting camped out the ass but team is too stupid to realize and take advantage. We lose.

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