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    Duo queued ranked with a friend. He did bans and I am last pick just about everyone but the person above me calls rolls. So it gets to his pick. Dude let the timer run out and he gets shaco and summoner spells were heal and clarity. So I goes on to my pick and everyone in the group is asking this shaco if he is jungling (so that way I can pick a support) dude doesn't answer force me to dodge. I just sigh when playing draft/ranked at the stupidity of people.

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    This game is so, SO frustrating sometimes it just makes me wanna delete it...

    Last 10 games, 9 defeats, 1 victory. 2 most memorable ones were 70 minute games. One with vayne where my score was 22/12 and one with kassadin with a score of 25/10. Lost both coz my teammates wouldnt listen...

    FRUSTRATING...my poor poor keyboard :'(

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    Just had a ranked game in the bag. Lost it because Shen does an idiotic initiation when he's miles infront of the rest of the team. They kill him ofc and then the rest of us 4v5. They push nexus and win.

    Fuck this game's community, seriously.

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    So... what does an idiotic Shen have to do with the community at large?

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    So I cooled down and reinstalled. Played three games today. Won one after repeatedly asking my Veigar to stay behind me. He would just run into 4-5 opponents thinking they are all stupid to hit by the stun and would in an instant after that. His friend (MF) asked him to listen to me so we won. Another reason why we won was because the opponent Jax was a complete idiot. He was level 14 when I as Ali was 16 and the rest were 18.

    Second game, our Kata feeds and keeps on blaming lag. 55 mins match and we lost playing 4v5 almost entire game. Kata was 12/18 something.

    Third game, Wukong on my team thought it was his score that will win us the match. He literally thought that. Kept on running top/bot to kill people solo instead of pushing mid when 3 of them were dead and we were all alive. He came in late to almost every confrontation and got the last few hits and thought he is carrying the team. My entire team kept on running after one opponent (again) and kept on dying. When it was time to attack them when they were getting Baron, nobody attacked, except me and one more. They all stayed behind, killing the fvcking wolves. Otherwise they would all run into the jungle asap they saw someone there. Lost after 55 mins. Not one moment where all 5 of us were together. Not a single moment. My Blitz didn't put a single ward so I had to that all on my own.

    I honestly don't understand this fetish of running after people and molesting wolves when they should be with the team. Simply don't get it why people ignore a possible 5v5 confrontation to go rape wolves that give you 40 fvcking gold.

    There is elo hell and I am in it right now. I have had the most retarded team-mates in the past three days. 12 games, I have won 2 (one barely). 5 lost due to dc. FIVE GAMES LOST DUE TO DC. 4 where people just didn't know wtf did the word "team" stands for, individual scores win you the game. 1 where my AD EZ built Manamune and started off with Doran. Heim on my team was also building Manamune...

    I honestly don't get why Riot is putting me with the most retarded people I have played since I started the game. People while leveling weren't this bad honestly. I have never been rude or anything against anyone and I am not THAT bad at this game, so why the hell am I put with these kind of people ALL THE FUCKING TIME? I am pretty sure I am going to get banned from this game very very soon, I just lost it the past few games.
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    Sometimes people act like blizzard is their friend who betrayed them and now they're pissed!
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    Actually the backlash from pandas is because alot of the people didn't grow up.

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    I was supporting this one guy who played MF, had 10 CS by 16 minutes in the game, autoattacked creeps and used his AOE skill every time it came off cooldown. How can you be so bad by the time youre level 30? I bet he just got his account from Ebay. Its the most logical reason.

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    After a run of bad AD carries, I am now in a run of feeder AP mids :|

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    So, 2 fantastic games. Fun, good players, very friendly and joking overall.
    Lost 1 due to "I top" "K you top but I top too" "got 2k ranked games top" - proceeds to lose top Kayle vs Chog without flash (we got him fb) - feeds - AFK's (even though we could still win teamfights with him, only barely lost 4v5). Still had fun with the rest.

    And 2 games where I think why those people reach level 30. Bot AND top are 0 or 1/8 by 20 minutes with <80 cs. I have 160 with something like 3/2/1 by ganking top/bot.

    Really enjoyed playing Gragas though. His farming is hte easiest I ever had, moreso than Mordekaiser. 1 barrel, BOOM, full minion wave. Not enough? BODYSLAM. Target <50% hp? ULT TO THE FACE FOLLOWED BY MAH BELLEH.

    Or throwing AD carries that overextend into your team/tower with ult. I only struggle using it in teamfights. Generally if I could hit 5 I would throw it. But your cooldowns are long, so I stay out of the fight untill the carry died (to me preferably) and then I'd start going in with body slam too. Sometimes people whine that I get away with full hp... No shit, body slam is fantastic. Had the most amazing jukes with it. Maybe I should buy him.
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    Just hit 30 this morning and i tried some solo ranked games.
    My 2nd ranked game i was pretty stoaked for because i just won the first one.
    The draft goes off and everyone is solid on what they are going to play.
    We get a shyvanna jungle and head over to where red buff spawns. Our top comes to defend the jungle along with myself playing mid.
    Our Tristana/Lulu combo just chills in the bot lane.

    What do you know we get invaded at like 1:30. Shyvanna dies like almost instantly.
    Our nasus who was top dies shortly after and they got me (annie) soon afterwards.
    Our 2 bot players are like HEY LETS GO HELP! and run to our red buff soon to die.
    We got aced at 1:52
    After that 3 of our people are like GG! and leave.
    Our nasus top and myself stuck around. We lost at 17:21
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    2. "There weren't cookie cutter builds."
    You're wrong. Next!

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    Played Dominion, lost, Volibear went 1/13. I was place 1, but the Kat in place 2 raged the entire game, was funny and annoying at the same time.

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    Seriously. I thought insta-lock "TOP OR AFK" Trynda was only a joke on a YouTube video... Guess not. $#%!/!!!!

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    Play a ranked game with my friends, a whole premade. First pick for the enemy team is sona. My support chooses Janna. I get stomped on because of sona harassing me and sivir coming in for the kill.

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    sadlkgjasldkgjs;dgjasl;kdgasl;djglkasdglkjsdgkl;asjdlkgjasl;dkgjweoin,.anvoq23y8t97udhskgl vnasdk;vlsckv


    ok, all better now.

    edit: wait no.


    ok, now it's all better. I hate it when I do really well on an AD carry (I was 16/5/x on vayne) and then my team just derps around and we die. It's frustrating when the tanks on my team stand behind me, and then nocturne doesn't ult onto their corki. Bah.


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    Had a game last night, even though it was a win. It saddens me. The enemy top lane went afk at top turret for the 1st 15-20 mins of the game. Allowing our J4 and myself (playing Shen) to gank and counter jungle there Alistar all early game. Even late game there Volibear already underfarmed was still AFK.

    Then had a game the other night which was very close. Our team was down about 5-6 kills, although we had downed 1 extra tower. At the 25 min mark they surrender. Post game score board our team was asking them why when they still had the upperhand in gold and kills. All but there Temmo left the room instantly and Temmo didn't know what to say other than he voted no on the surrender.

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    Diana gets fed, proceeds to die 1v3-4 4-5 times, then spams surrender votes and people ACCEPT on 22-25 score. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?
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    Last week I won 1 out of 10 games, and all of them sucked.

    6 of them I lost was because we didn't have any team work going on what so ever If you tried to explain something to them they just said ''shut up noob'' and kept denying that they did something wrong. Well, Fair enough, if you can't see through your mistakes, just go ahead and feed the enemy even more. Now, those games sucked pretty hard, but they were mild compared to the other 4.

    One of the games I was so unfortuned to be Pantheon in bot lane with a freaking Eve. I don't recall how or why I ended up there with him, but I remeber he had this ridiculous idea that Pantheon and Eve was great in bot. Anyway, me and Eve's lane went terrible. Eve kept engaging right into the enemy while I was too far behind to catch up with him, and of course he blames me for all his deaths, even when I was back at the base while he was fooling around. We surrendered after 20 mins, we lost all of our lanes and as far as i recall we had only killed 2 enemys in total. This game had to be one of the worst games I've ever had in a bot lane.

    The one game I won was a rough one. We had a Cait who continuesly flammed everyone on the team, and he herself were so horrible. I think the worst think he did was accusing our mid Morde for being ''too optimistic'', and said he would report him if Morde said we still could win one more time. Really? Atleast he's trying to be useful for the team unlike you, and you want to report HIM? That moment I just snapped and had a huge fight with the Cait most of the game. Then somehow, all of us managed to shut her up and he actually started to get kills and a good minion farm. The game went on for over an hour, but in the end we actually managed to win it, but it still pisses me over that possibly grown up people can act like that Cait did. She might have helped us win, but I still reported him in hope that other people would be spared.

    Now for the 2 worst games, which all shared the same ridiculous issue. As soon as I end up in the champion selection screen, two idiots insta-locks and says ''ME MID!!'' and starts raging at eachother, this happened in all 3 games. The first time I truely thought atleast one of them would just leave mid and go to one of the other lanes. No, of course not, they both go mid and won't leave till they get what they want. I can't believe this happened twice in a row, is this some kind of new trend to just insta-lock as mid and not give a fuck about the game as long as you get the god damn lane? Why can't one of them not just man the fuck up and leave the lane in order to have a chance to win instead of acting like two dumb children fighting over their favorite toy?? This is seriously beyond me that people can be this childish. Needless to say, I lost both games so hard.

    I think the worst thing about these game is that I know it is bound to happen again. The LoL community just keeps getting worse and worse, it's gotten to a point where I can't play one game without these kind of things happens. I guess I should just stick to play only with my friends instead of wasting time on this crap...
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    Just playing this game but I have a feeling I already hate Veigar (lolstun + insta kill, ohai frost mages), Nunu (Ultimate = GG), that guy with Undying Rage (seems legit that one, nice idea for warriors in MoP) and I haven't played against Zyra or Diana yet.

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    Played a game earlier. I jungled Cho'gath with the battlecast prime cho skin.

    Got told im bad by Diana for going 5/5/7 and that I was making our team lose despite the fact she was on 0/8/2 we had Ryze 0/7/0 and Ezreal on 1/6/0 then as the game ends he continues to spam crap just urgh >.<

    Oh and apparantly Cho'gath isn't a good jungle champ >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyriok View Post
    Played a game earlier. I jungled Cho'gath with the battlecast prime cho skin.

    Got told im bad by Diana for going 5/5/7 and that I was making our team lose despite the fact she was on 0/8/2 we had Ryze 0/7/0 and Ezreal on 1/6/0 then as the game ends he continues to spam crap just urgh >.<

    Oh and apparantly Cho'gath isn't a good jungle champ >.>
    Until recently I considered him a troll jungle. After getting beat by a few and trying it myself, he is very viable and I'm surprised more people don't jungle him when your team is missing a tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axethor View Post
    Until recently I considered him a troll jungle. After getting beat by a few and trying it myself, he is very viable and I'm surprised more people don't jungle him when your team is missing a tank.
    His exceptional im surprised people don't use him much at all. I've had some amazing games with him land the Q and its a guranteed kill. His great for picking off carries and has a strong team fight presence, provided his abilities land.

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