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    Why is Wriggles bad on Udyr?

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    Somewhere, not sure yet, but ill get back to you.

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    team locks in everything but support, i pick alistair and proceed to bottom lane with our EZ, knock away their twitch who came to gank us and ez runs back into range of him. This continues until we finally lose the game after we (miraculously) push their mid and get both nexus towers down before they ace us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wapetufo View Post
    That said, dont assume someone who picks a free to play champ is just doing it because of that. Sometimes a champ you are really good with just happens to be free that week, happened to me with noc a few weeks ago, I was actually called a noob a few times for picking a F2Play champ, when it just happens I own him and am good with him to begin with.
    Cho’Gall: Cairne Bloodhoof is dead? Did we kill him?
    Deathwing: No. The Grimtotems weakened him with poison, and then Garrosh accidentally hacked him to death with an axe during a heated political discussion.
    Cho’Gall: How do you accidentally kill someone with an axe?

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    normally play lulu or soraka support or ww jungle
    ww banned (enemy team), lulu banned (by our team), enemy picks soraka before me
    "Okay I'll go irelia top since I suck at carry"
    go 0/2/0 in lane, jungle lee sin is 1/4 and only ganks once with no warning just as I'm pushing Dr. Mundo and forceing him to b (I got flamed for not mind reading he was coming to gank), other players are all at negative kill-death ratios by midgame.
    Finish on 2/7/2, bit poor but we all did crap (best player was annie at 5/7 iirc), teemo is on 0/5/0 and never joined teamfights would just qq about us going in 4v5 under our tower then proceed to try and solo dragon or something stupid
    [All]:Lee sin: Report Irelia feeding
    [All]:Annie: Report Irelia

    ALL OF MY RAGE! Even teemo and the enemy Dr. Mundo (who was in my lane) were going 'why?'

    EDIT: Next match we lose to a snowballing corki and lee sin but gracefully and politely, no flaming, and a "gg wp nice defending" from the other team... what is this I don't even.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swiftero View Post
    Why is Wriggles bad on Udyr?
    Wriggles is good on tiger udyr but a very bad choice for phoenix. Wit's end is far superior. It results in higher singletarget damage (about the same vs pve mobs) and far higher AoE.

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    Most of the time I get trolls in my team, we always lose.

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    AD Malphite? o.O

    And that Trundle was pretty darn daft

    (Yes, I am ignoring your team on purpose. Some things just can't be salvaged.)

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    I have a friend. This particular friend is odd, because he thinks he's 21, is actually 18, and his mind is 13. But anyway... This guy, he just... I loathe having to bring him to games. Not because I don't like him, but he thinks Twitch is tanky (resulting in oh-so-many deaths), he can't position himself for the life of him, and he's one of those guys who will claim everything's OP and he's the kind of person who can't help but type rude things in chat. Resulting in all of us others being ridiculed. Sigh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post

    If you can help it, don't tank on Riven, waste of her beautiful AD scaling on shield. But looks like a massive outskilled (so far that Malphite is trolling with his build) match since everyone is building pretty much as they should (or can).
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    People that pick champions just because of the reputation don't deserve to play games at all, let alone LoL.

    Guy in champ select picks Kassadin just because he wasn't banned. We already had a mid and I looked up the guys stats with Kass - 1 game played, and it was a loss with terrible stats for him personally.
    In the same game the guy who picked Kennen was all "it's ok, just play to have fun! It doesn't matter if we lose! etc. etc." but way over the top. That's a nice attitude, but i'm sorry keep it out of ranked. You play ranked to win, it's a competition by very nature. If you want to play for fun then play normals.
    Damn "nice guy" Kennen goes 1 / 7 their Riven in top, with the dumbass Kassadin in mid.

    Needless to say, that game was lost.

    Fuck my life.

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    I play Jungle Udyr this game (practising him, not lvl 30 yet, doing normal draft games as usual), I end up doing fairly okay, start with 3 assists and a kill, 3 of them at mid and 1 of them at top. Top however is a Garen who lost both of his towers to Akali in 15 or so minutes and had 80 cs 30 minutes in. Mid is a kennen who got fed by me 6/4/0 (he got all the kills from my ganks) then calls me bad when I die 2 times (one to save him and one in a teamfight) cus I'm 1/2/3... Bottom is kog'maw/sona who were doing fine but were pushing so I didn't gank. I got us 2 dragons by having map vision around it and securing it without the enemy team being able to contest it.

    However, we end up losing after a couple of teamfights and they have 3 towers over us (I held top tower like 2 or 3 times but gave up on it after a while since we were deep into midgame and I was getting behind on xp to the other jungler). Everyone blames me for not ganking enough and not being up front in a teamfight where they initiated while I was still behind and they all get killed in basically 2 seconds. I get blamed, flamed so I tell them to go f*ck themselves, since I'm trying all I can do and they are already flaming me almost all game. They end up all reporting me, I shrugged it off saying w/e, they keep on calling me names, even saying I'm trolling and a noob...

    I ended up reporting and ignoring every single one of them, hope I never meet one of those again... that has to be the worst game I've ever had in LoL... I don't get why people blame and flame the jungler for losing their own lane while I helped out as much as I could. I know I didn't play perfect, not even close probably, but this is just silly.

    God I hate this game at this moment...

    Edit: TLDR: My team had really low cs, lost their lanes even though I tried all I could as a jungler, they blame, flame and report me because I'm appearently trolling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thoukaia View Post
    Just had a horrible Urgot on my team. He was 2/6/0 40 minutes in the game, but he had farmed well so he wasnt completely useless. Then he suddenly decides to split from the group and go farm the other team's jungle. He gets caught, dies, enemy team gets baron, aces us, takes 2 inhibs, and shortly after we lose. Worst part is, we had made an amazing comeback and were slightly winning before all that happened. Naturally i couldnt help but rage at him really hard. I feel guilty of admitting it but i also reported him for refusing to cooperate with team and somewhat re-phrased what he did so that it appears bannable, while it was clearly a case of unskilled player. I'm a bad person but to be honest im ok with it as long as that idiot gets banned.
    So not co-operating is bannable now? Now I've heard that as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkdruidelf View Post
    Damn I hate jungling sometimes.

    Can I just make some things clear, yes, this will be a QQ rant, but I am pretty pissed. A. If you go 0-20 in lane, thats YOUR fault, not 'Omg noob jungler never ganks'. B. Junglers are not there to be your personal ganking bitches. I am not going to sit there and babysit your lane for an hour. The reason a jungler is there is that it creates a fourth lane allowing for another solo lane which means more global exp, gold and no one having to share creeps. I'm not there to babysit and I'm not going to. C. If you push, either ward or dont bitch about getting ganked and not getting ganks. Go play a jungler and try and gank a pushed lane, then you'll understand. D. Spam ping at me and I'll do directly the opposite of what you're saying. I'm not your servant, dont just whistle and expect me to come running. It doesn't work like that.

    It annoys me so much how you can go 8-1 as a jungler and yet get reported by the premade down bot who are both 0-5 because apparently you're the noob. Its your lane, you lose it, guess who's fault it is?
    I love jungling but this just pisses me off when people do this. they instalock their champ that theyre playing for the first time and dont even try to counter. Then when were in game they steal my blue which puts me significantly behind. 4 minutes in top dead twice to tower diving for the kill. *PINGPINGPINGPINGPING*
    "amumu lets get him."
    ME: "Not much i can do when ur lanes pushed like that."
    HIM: /all "this amumu is such a weakling" (except he said something else)

    At the end we win im 5/0/5 and basicaly carried the team through teamfights

    HIM: /all "this game would of been over at 20 if amumu ganked my laned"
    Me: ...

    People can be such morons.

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    ...I hate people.

    Here's the story. It's me and two friends in 3v3 PvP (normal). Me as Jarvan IV, and they as Shyvana and Ahri. We match against a Garen, Tryndamere and Pantheon. Now, I'm no expert at team compos, so I'm not gonna discuss that much. All I thought about the other team was "crud, this is going to be annoying".

    Match time. First thing that happens is that we rush down to the bottom lane and to the little brush in the bottom. I use my Q to check for them. Bad idea. They all jump me, my friends run away, and we manage to get away a bit until I'm overwhelmed. Okay, bad start, but let's move on.

    In the fight, Ahri goes top and farms a bit against Trynda, me and Shyvana poke Panth and Garen a bit. Everything's fine until Ahri gets jumped by Trynda and dies. Ahri tries the same and Trynda spins into the jungle and gets away. Proceed to have these events a few times where one of us dies.

    Longer out, they jump us and we run back, I use my ulti to block them and then try to drag myself out with E and Q. Q is on cooldown, so I die. Pantheon goes "genius". I respond "Q was on cooldown, so basically, yeah."

    They have about 14 kills to our 4, we decide that this isn't going to happen as Shyvana has to leave soon and our first turrets are almost down, and we didn't exactly play that well. We surrender.

    Tryndamere: Easy.
    Garen: gg noobs
    Pantheon: lol noobzzz

    THE RAGE. THE MOTHERFUCKING RAGE IN ME. I barely managed to hold my shit together. The fact that they have the GALL to say that while playing not one, but TWO spin-to-win champions, and the fact that Trynda's insane slow is the ONLY thing that made them catch up to us, and they think they're good?! I WANTED TO HURT THEM. SO BAD.

    I mean, a lot of people tell me I need to stop caring that much about those kinda events, because there are a lot of assholes out there, but when I game, I put my mind and heart into it. In fact, I think that's what makes me good at learning the basics of champions much quicker than my friends. But this has a downside. When these trolls come out and pull that shit, it will eat at my mind and I won't be able to stop thinking about it.

    Yeah, I reported the whole lot of them for a "gg noob"-comment and bad sportsmanship. But I'm not satisfied. Oh, if there was justice, I would smite them in the nuts. But no. They will probably proceed to live a happy life, get a beautiful wife and children, earn tons of money, all that stuff. Because that's how assholes get it.

    Sometimes I hate people a lot. And I also disappoint myself in the process. I just... I LOATHE people who do injustice upon the world, heck, I even go around pondering why the hell people are idiots, killing, stealing and waging wars in the world, because I care THAT MUCH about other people. Which is why I disappoint myself with how much I hate some people.

    Ugh. I just... Why do people have to be like this? I don't understand. And I have a feeling I never will.
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    Further to my earlier comment about people picking champions based on their ban-worthy reputation alone - why on earth do people pick a role, even if they have never done it before, just because they don't want to support.

    Me and another guy are last two picks:

    Me: Are you better at Support or AD carry?
    Him: I want AD
    Me: Ok, then you go AD and i'll support you. Which support do you want?
    *He picks Graves*
    Him: Soraka, or Alistar if you can play him.
    *picks Alistar*

    The game starts up, he has very low AD for a carry (like mid-60s compared to MFs 80+). Brilliant start, but I tell myself it's ok, he's probably got ArPen runes or something - im sure he knows what he's doing.
    Laning against MF and she out damages the crap out of him. He then proceeds to miss CS, not respond at all when I cc (headbutt into a wall, then pulverize after the stun, and then ready to exhaust) a 50% hp MF, and he proceeds to feed like a champ. Our jungler then fail-ganks a couple of times to help feed our lane a bit too.
    At the same time our Viktor feeds Veigar in mid like a baws.
    By 25 minutes into the game, their two carries (MF and Veigar) had 21 kills between them.
    I didn't give up until the very end, but... OHMYGODWHYME?!?! *screams into pillow*

    What a truly awful day it's been for LoL - I'm gonna go to bed before I end up stroking out or have a mental breakdown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hybr1d View Post
    If you can help it, don't tank on Riven, waste of her beautiful AD scaling on shield. But looks like a massive outskilled (so far that Malphite is trolling with his build) match since everyone is building pretty much as they should (or can).
    What? I tried full AD Riven for months ever since she came out. The shield gets blown to smithereens because you're squishy as nuts. Atmog all the way.

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    Then you're doing it wrong


    I'm only halfway kidding. Her shield scales with AD so well as do her other abilities that a Guardian Angel is pretty much the only defense you need.

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    People prejudged you're unskilled (and reporting you as so) just cause you made a few bad decisions at the start of the game. As if they never make bad decisions. This game I had I didn't helped out two teammates running from 3 enemies above our red while I was in mid, I thought I wouldn't get there in time, much to their disagreement. At scoreboard (and during the game too) I admitted a made a wrong decision but that doesn't make me unskilled, however one teammate was prejudged that I was, and left. I looked at his profile and it wasn't very impressive (lots of Defeats), less then my profile, so I guess he was just too angry to be reasonable. He wasn't really immature but still.

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