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    Start out 2-0-2 as first time Diana (YEAH FREE WEEK), Ez starts KS with his bullshit end 6-5-15, Ez (the KS master) end 21-9-12. They learned he was the only fed one after KS the entire game.............

    For example, was fighting a Riven 1v1 outside of Baron, I had over 50% life left he was down to 10%ish. Ez is running by Q's hit him kills him, and runs off. This happened 5 times at least.
    If Ez was AD you should have been feeding him kills, since, well, he'll be carrying you late game.

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    If people mana to steal my kills, then well done by them... Then they deserve it, but be prepared because i will do the same.. Securing them kills...

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    Just had a game with a Gragas who made me want to find him irl and break his legs. Straight from the team select in a pre-30 game he was telling people what to pick. One guy wanted to play Lux in bot with Graves but he cried till they changed to Sona, then told Graves which summoners to pick and THEN proceeded to act like he was going to carry us. So he gets first blood, and then at 5 minutes asks me for a blue (I was Jungle Nocturne). Obviously, both were down considering I had ours and we had seen their jungle Jarvan running around with theirs. I tell him as much and as I head to bot to gank he pings their blue and heads there himself, so I had to waste time proving it was down.

    I hit level 6 and he - after a couple of successful ganks in bot and top being constantly pushed by our Rengar - pings mid for a gank in spite of the fact he has it pushed (as he does all game). So I move to the bush and expect him to let the lane be pushed slightly so I don't end up immediately in tower range. He pings again, so I activate my ultimate and target him, as I'm doing that though he charges in and hits the enemy Orianna with his Q under the tower and fails his ulti, I get in and he dies to tower but I get the kill and get away with no problems. He cries at me for leaving him to engage and tank the tower when I used my ulti pretty much as soon as he pinged, he charged in and didn't wait for my engage.

    All game he keeps the lane pushed, and though I do what I can, he's constantly getting attacked by Jarvan, once getting killed by him while I was taking the first dragon of the game. My fault apparently that he over extended and got killed. Our bot lane is losing due to Sona accidently taking the few kills they're getting so I try and keep the pressure on there, but Gragas cries at me for not ganking at all and spending all my time jungling, even though at 18 minutes I don't even have 50 cs. He proceeds to cry in all chat that I need to be reported, despite having a few kills and assists and no deaths, and that it is my fault we're losing.

    He continues crying like this for another 10 minutes before I lose my temper and tell him what a petulant child he is and that he is probably acting as he is because he's a fat little prick irl that gets bullied in school and needs to act superior on the internet to compensate. I get no reply, and he continues crying about me till the enemy Ezreal tells him he's bad and that I've been doing my job, and even then he continues until the score screen for a good ten minutes.

    I could tolerate it a damn sight more if he wasn't so bad himself, he had worse farm than our top which was under a lot of pressure from Jarvan and their Olaf as Rengar, when as Gragas his farm should've been insane. His K/D was terrible too and he couldn't even accept that his deaths were his own fault.
    Typical behaviour fitting for the person. Just ignore once you see that he can't listen or see his own faults, for your own sake. He can report you if you're not careful. It's hard, I know, I still struggle with ignoring and not responding when people tell me I fail when clearly they do. But take it from a stranger, it's for the best, and at the end of the game you just go "fuck that Gragas" rather than shaking in hatred for what humanity has become.
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    Just had a game with a Gragas who made me want to find him irl and break his legs.
    Umm.. Any obsessed gamer would love that, then he can sit all day long and play...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amanaki View Post
    Umm.. Any obsessed gamer would love that, then he can sit all day long and play...
    Yep. And that's why you break his hands instead.
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    Typical behaviour fitting for the person. Just ignore once you see that he can't listen or see his own faults, for your own sake. He can report you if you're not careful. It's hard, I know, I still struggle with ignoring and not responding when people tell me I fail when clearly they do. But take it from a stranger, it's for the best, and at the end of the game you just go "fuck that Gragas" rather than shaking in hatred for what humanity has become.
    The only time that he could report you is if you're being negative towards him (cursing, calling him names, etc)... If they try to report for refusing to communicate, they're going to look like a jackass in the Tribunal (due to what he's said in chat). Most people at least skim through the Tribunal text to see what the person reported has said, and go from there.
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    Playing as Sona and I get blamed for the bottom loss when my Trist has no lifesteal throughout the ENTIRE game and rocket jumps INTO Vayne/Taric combo expecting me to somehow pull a jesus and save him.

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    I feel sorry for the parents.


    Premade bottom: Teemo + Malph
    Jungle : Yi with CV
    Top : Xin
    Mid : Me

    Bottom goes: F this game is stupid, and start running at enemy tower giving them almost 30kills in 20mins.
    Yi goes: Meh i'll help em out. Starts running 1v5 at enemy team.

    Xin and I ... well we QQed tbh.
    I really don't understand whats wrong with people.
    How can you have fun by destroying the fun of others?
    Do this people ever get banned?
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    Horrible, horrible teams today. I even got slightly mad at few people today. People think theyre good and have big talk but small plays. So frustrating.

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    I'm not even 30 yet, (25) and already pretty fustrated by team mates locking in random bizarre stuff that makes little sense lane-wise then when I ask them to call where they plan to go... they sit in silence leaving me to try and second guess what they plan. Obviously they go to lanes i couldn't even begin to predict they would, leaving me trying to solo top support or take voli bottom lane... xD

    After last game going to add... our Diana AFKED early game till we were all roughly level 8, then tried to run in and kill people... as a level 1. It didn't end well and we decided to surrender at 20. Anyhoo some cock from the other team was like TOO EASY NOOBS at the end... we were not even very behind on kills, and he had not done that well, I pointed out our Diana was afk half the game, and his response: Skins don't teach you how to play noobz

    No one on our team even had a skin... this game makes me lose faith in humanity ^^
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    Happened Yesterday but I had by far the worst game in my entire year of playing LoL.

    We had a Vladimir (top lane) and a Tryndamere (bot lane) that kept spamming in caps racials slurs at one another instead of playing the game. More often than not they would stand near their respective towers and not do anything.
    A Nunu (bot lane) that fed the other team (more deaths than minutes played 5 mins through)
    An Alistar (jungle) who died to the blue buff golem despite recieving a leash. He also repeatedly disconnected and reconnected within 30 second spans.

    As if this wasn't enough. I had to listen to these guys fight it out against one another for the whole game because some idiots had to make it a point to refuse to surrender.
    Finished as the best player on my team with Morganna (score of 7/3/11)

    Just wish I could get 4 more people that would fight the oponents instead of one another. Reminds me also why I play a lot of bot games. It's bad for my blood pressure lol.... /sigh
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    The worst games are when you do well and stomp everyone, but your team sucks so bad they feed all other lanes (Jungle is a lane aswell)... Then when teanfights start they target you and instakill you... Twisted Fate is probably my most safe pick i usually go 13/4 or something but this time oh the pain i was 5/0 but then their entire team being 10/1 or the likes came and stomped me to 6/14 ... Game was way too long... No one wanted to surrender :P So sad...

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    Quick IP.

    I lose dominion bot game.
    How are 4 people so bad that they can't hold the bottom turret? I had 25 kills and 2000 points and still I couldn't live since I picked Ezreal and oculdn't 1v3 due to Irelia jumps and Warwick supression lategame.
    So far for my daily win. Never picking non-bruiser in dominion bot ever again.
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    *Sigh* http://imgur.com/KVnJQ,U4Jsh,0SQDN
    just met quite possibly the most pathetic thing ever.
    I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves. (he was queueing with a friend on a new account simply to get matched vs <level 20s)
    His auto attack would literally hit me for 40-50% of my HP at level 1.

    For those unable to see the images:
    It's a level 30 that has basically dedicated his account to winning level 1-20 games within the first 15 minutes.
    He queues for twisted treeline with a friend on a new account and due to the level difference, gets matched up with < level 20s.

    His only mastery page is based purely around maxing attack damage, and his rune page is purely attack damage runes(+52).
    Due to us low levels not actually having any runes to use, his attacks just shred through our armour, thus he will snowball to victory easily.
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    /Suicide... Firstly this week is free week Volibear, my absolutely most hated champion... I love Darius compared to that pile of *********!()"&#%!!?=*****!!!!!!!
    This sums up 1 of my games... Him getting pentakill is included... he was 18/0 before i and Graves managed to kill him...
    I HATE HIM!!! !?)"(&#%#(#!
    Never raged this hard, i just hate it... Please Riot listen to your dear and highly beloved co-worker Zilean!!! (A common Volibear hater)

    Yep.. I did fine, but i don't care.. Remove him from the game please....

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    1: see screenshot

    2: 1630 premade 5man who obviously win game, especially after our top leaves 22 minutes in. Then they all end with "lol easy". Diaf, reported all of them, people like that may be permabanned for all I care. Feeling so tough winning with an obvious advantage evne against lower skilled players.
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    Some people really need to just stop playing this game. When you feed a Rengar when you have fantastic ward coverage, it's a sign you should quit now while your ahead. When you run into baits so obvious I saw them coming yesterday, just leave my game because I would rather have a 4v5 and still maybe win then definitely lose because you fed the enemy. I never leave games. I left this game.

    Gragas starts talking shit after giving up first blood. Says I should have been mid lane when he got baited hard and killed by Rengar. He forgets the fact that thanks to his nonexistent help on wolves, I was sub 200 health after my first clear. Now I'm thinking no big deal, it's Rengar. Wrong. This Graves and Zyra duo que bot lane, who have the whole river warded, get murdered by Rengar because they didn't bother to back off when they were overextended and saw Rengar walking right at them. Then we got Mundo top who was doing okay, emphasis on was. The now fed Rengar finally decides to go top and together with Jayce, tower dive Mundo for the kill. Yes. Towerdived Mundo and neither died...

    And the moral of the story is it's all the junglers fault for trying to clean up everyone's mess but failing because I'm not 5 people.

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    I played 5 games today winning 2 and loosing 3. Tbh I wonder why I bothered PvPing in the first place when we have summer holidays going on.

    First game:

    I'm Cho jungler. Ez and Teemo (premade) going bot, facing AD Lulu and Leona. Guess what? Lulu was 11/2 by 20 mins and Leona was 6/1. Top, Morde never warded, kept on pinging since the game started. Didn't tell me that top is warded, so when I went to gank, Wu just ran away. Then I went to counter jungle. Bought enemy Fiddle to 10% hp. I'm pinging like mad for Morde to come because I know Wu will be here any sec. He doesn't. I die. 20 mins we were 8/30. How fuck do you managed to give 30 kills to the enemy in 20 mins? Even if I try to feed, I am sure I won't give away 30 kills in 20 mins. Teemo and Ez kept on whining about how Lulu is OP and asked to report me when I asked them to play save and avoid fighting Leona when I'm not around. I was deemed a whiner and an asshole. I ward many places on the map so my team can run away if there is another player trying to gank them. Guess what? They don't. Fucking retarded Teemo and Ezreal thought they can 3v2 a fed Lulu and Leona along with Orianna's burst damage.

    Second game:

    J4 is my support. Fine. Until he starts to take all my cs and doesn't fight when there is an opportunity. Spends all his mana on creeps and then ports back to get mana even though he is at full hp. I get 2 double kills and one triple. But guess what, all a waste because my entire team is dumb enough to fight right under the enemy tower. Mal feed Anivia into oblivion and he is 11/3. Most retarded Anivia player I have seen btw. Said RIP Tris every time I died. Mocked me for no reason. Mocked my entire team for no reason. The games ends I see J4 is level 22 and everyone else is level 30. Why the fuck is Riot teaming me up with a level 22? Since when did I become a fucking pro that I'm deemed awesome to carry level 22s to victory? Avinia kept on calling how we were bots even though after having a completely retarded level 22 player on my team, a stupid Malzahar player who never said ss or pinged even though Anivia is moving bot/top right in front of him, it took them 40 mins to win and the team scores are pretty close.

    Third game:

    Yorick top and Noc jungler couldn't stop dying to Darius. He was 8/0 in the first 15 mins. Most dumb Yorick player I have ever seem. Turret dived Volibear at full hp while he was aaround 40% hp. Never ultied me. Our Noc had less then 1800 hp at level 18 with near full build. I don't understand this retarded attitude of building a melee character full dps. Get some fucking hp. It won't gimp you, you fucking retards. He died in two spells from the enemy Gragas. I ended the game with a score of 12/5/9. My team didn't place a single ward even though me and Veigar kept on asking to place wards for the entire 45 mins of the match. Tbh if they did, me and Veigar would have carried the game (Veigar played very well). The melee in my team had no idea how to team fight. They kept on chasing Darius leaving me and Veigar completely exposed every team fight. They also kept on diving them 2v1 3v1. Fucking idiots.

    Forth and fifth game I strolled because my team was decent ending up with a score of 10/3/9 in the forth game and 6/1/8 fifth game (both game enemy surrenders).

    Surely I'm not the problem? I admit I make mistakes and will loose games but this is just ridiculous.
    Quote Originally Posted by Culnar
    Sometimes people act like blizzard is their friend who betrayed them and now they're pissed!
    Quote Originally Posted by Vulpei View Post
    Actually the backlash from pandas is because alot of the people didn't grow up.

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    Had a ranked game this morning, I was Anivia vs a Kass mid they had a Teemo top vs Wukong. Wukong is the first blood, Teemo kills him before the creeps even reach the lane. I get 2 kills on Kass before 6 and basically deny him any farm, he can't even roam. Teemo out of no where gets a double kill on our Leesin and Wukong. By mid game Teemo is 10/0 and their Graves 7/2. Our Lee Sin has built a full AD build and our Wukong sold all his gear for boots. After the game Teemo says "ez games u nubs"....

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    Fuck all these idiots that throw Dominion wins away by AFKing... They clearly learned to do so by watching the badminton players throw games at the Olympics.
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