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    The I Just Had a Bad Game/Team/Need To Vent Thread!

    Since honestly god knows we have enough posts of them to make a +10 page thread. Let it all out.

    EDIT: Like Edgecrushers says,

    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    I'm surprisingly alright with this, with a few rules.

    1. Don't name and shame people.
    2. Keep it in reason, don't go on massive flame fests filled with over the top vulgarity and/or detailed descriptions of how you want to hurt someone.
    3. Keep it civil. Don't trash talk other posters.

    So, generally the usual forum rules.
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    Am I doing it right?

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    on hit teemo. no madreds. fed 0-14-6

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    it's pretty hard to find a good girl in the sea of whores that is my country, brazil.

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    Trynd got fed & all hell broke loose from there.


    Quote Originally Posted by sxefluff View Post
    on hit teemo. no madreds. fed 0-14-6

    Dem Teemo is BEST Teemo for reals.
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    Just had a game as Fizz where I was dominated the opponents Kat in mid. got 2 kills, no deaths by 10 min. so pretty decent. BUT NONE OF THAT MATTERS cause Pantheon and Xin are now 10/0 and 7/0 and they are mowing through our team like a cheese grater. Thanks bot for feeding!

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    Lee jungle, FB Nocturne, give mid kill (Karthus v Ahri). Proceed with double at bot sacrificing myself.

    Karthus feeds Ahri (Ahri goes 11-1 at end of game) who ganks all lanes constantly as well, top gets owned (Yorick vs Trynda) and no idea how he lost that, bot gets owned (Cait/sor VS Urgot/some support). My fault for never ganking mid (wut?).
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    -Started off with support Lux with my 180g manareg pendant, wards and all that shit
    -My Ashe autoattacks, single digit CS at 10 min mark, i have 30ish
    -20 mins in, i sell my Philo and HoG for a Needlessly Large Rod and Sorc boots, i have 4 kills at this point, still buying wards for the team
    -I steal dragon and take 2 kills with my ult after a teamfight where we get nearly aced, team calls me a KSer.
    -30 mins in, i've finished my Rabaddons and Void Staff, i do twice the damage of our Swain and Ryze, still buying wards for team, our Ashe finally finishes her IE
    -We start winning teamfights after Swain finally decides to buy a chain vest vs a team of 4 hard ADs
    -Our Warwick, whose only usefulness was to ult their MF for me to unload on her, disconnects
    -We hold them off 4v5 for 10 minutes, we lose inhibs and nexus towers
    -Warwick comes back at 45 minutes, we teamfight under the nexus, i have 800 AP at this point, Nexus drops down to 500 health when an inhib spawns, other team is kinda confused for a split second, i catch MF and Viktor with Q and melt them, we ace, push all lanes to river and take baron, i'm still buying wards
    -Enemy team arrives just as we take baron, and kite us around for what seemed to be 3 hours, my teammates chase
    -Suddenly all 3 inhibs are down and super minions are pouring in our base from everywhere
    -I'm the only one recalling, team chasing MF from baron to their bot turret and dont even kill her
    -I get overran, Nexus dies, we lose
    -Our Swain: "bg, support stealing creeps and kills from carry, not warding, and cant even defend"

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    I'm going to abuse this thread like a priest! I almost can't wait to get queued with morons!

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    Our secondpick locks in GP. Enemy team picks poppy. I tell him "Go jungle mate, gp is the easiest champion for poppy to lane against. She counter's you, you'll feed her and she'll rape us". GP disregards everything i said. "I'll try top. Poppy isn't danger even if fed", he says. By the end of the 20 minutes GP is 0/5. Poppy get's a couple of triples and goes about two-shotting everyone.

    Same game our Ryze has AP quints and masteries. He didnt get MS Quints, he didn't get mana quints... no. He got AP quints. Not only that he has the AP masteries in the offense skill. And he isn't even countering someone! He's freaking firstpick ryze!

    I'm playing alistar and my ad carry is Tristana. Tristana has no armor seals. Yes... She's playing an ad carry and she has no armor seals. The freaking enemy soraka was doing %10 of her health per auto...

    Lee Sin is our jungler. At first he seems ok. But he has a nasty habit of tower diving. It's like he has some sort of OCD about following his Q up. Mid game we're randomly poking people under their tower. Lee hits q on someone. It's unbelievable. He follows q up like it's some sort of brain disease forcing him to. This happens atleast 3-4 times in the game.

    Seriously. I don't get how one can have 4 morons in one game.
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    I was just about going to play, decide to check this thread --> depressed of all of the shit that Im going to face now...

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    I've had a bad day...

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    Just had a game... very bad game. Me going as GP to top with caitlyn and nasus+akali bot. GG game starts everything is going smooth.

    Then it strikes.

    Enemy ashe and vayne on bot is tearing akali a new asshole and in 10 minutes akali is 0-5. Not a single fuck was given that game.
    And making it even more irritating, after every dead akali goes "/all OMFG SO LUCKY" "/all 1v1 me noob!" or "/all HOWS THAT POSSIBLE?!?111!"

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    So the ay started good, got like 3 or 4 easy wins where we basically dominated them. But then it happened ...

    I go Lulu bot + Vayne, we do golems and for some reason Vayne b's back to base only to disconnect like 10 minutes later. So I'm alone against Lux + Urgot bot and decided to go AP. This actually went damn well, especially when I got a chalice and WotA I never had to go back. But for some reason the rest of my team is failing because they can't ward etc but all in all we could still win the game as they really weren't that good. But nah, they surrender because "A 4vs5 is IMPOSSIBLE noob" .. oh the people.

    New game! It already happened in champ select. Instalocking Fizz with Smite because "I want to try something new". This leads to me (Lulu) going AP mid (for testing after the previous game), Urgot top and Cait + Ali bot. Again I'm going quite well against a Morgana. I harass more, I cs more and I'm basically winning the lane early game despite Shaco ganks. Then everyone gets a brainfart .. our useless Fizz jungler starts ganking etc. which quite literally just meant he was going to die in a lane. By this time our Urgot is like 0/4/0 against their Jax. Our Ali has no idea how to play an Ali and jsut charges random into people .. dying. A Cait who once she has about 50% health and relative low mana decides to run away constantly. Typical Fizz comment was "Funny how these noobs care so much about blind pick!". Well some people like to play this game to have a bit of fun, being with a mindless moron who totally ruins the game isn't my idea of fun. And raging at me because I'm Lulu and shouldn't go mid and I'm feeding Morgana, which is quite strange because as always I had by far the least deaths. And most of them were against 4 fed enemies instagibbing me when I tried to ward the map a bit.

    Rage mode off.

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    I have to play with a rl friend of mine that his first time ever of getting 10 kills ("man I really can't believe I got double digit kills that game") only got them because he was playing fiddlesticks and ult ks'ed every kill, his usual game is 4/15 but I usually still manage to carry his badness but sometimes he feeds the wrong opponent and we just cant pull the win, also he likes to mid, I would be fine with it if he weren't a) so bad. b) pantheon... I was playing some round robin 2v2 matchs among rl friends, first game it was me and him, I was jax and he was Naut. We ended up losing because he had 53 creep kills was level 15 and had 2 items a rod of ages and thornmail. granted this game was 43 mins long, I just dont see how he can be so under levled, anyone got tips for him? I haven't been playing for that long and i've got a very small champion selection because I can't spend money on this game, so ive never played half the champions he likes, he likes vlad, pantheon, and naut

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    @Cousinjemima. When he plays Naut. what is his rune set and how does he like to play him. (Tanky, Support, etc...). Lastly what does he level first.

    Normally when I play him I run AP quints, MR/lvl blues, MPen Reds and Yellows. (I'll double check the reds since I am not home at the moment.) I also like to build him most tanky. I start with tier 1 boots and 3 pots. Then build to philo stone and HoG. Then work toward RoA especially if we are winning our lane. After that would build Merc Treads, then Aeigs or More Armor/MR depending on the comp we're against and how the game is going. As far as skills, I would start with W>E>W>Q>W for the 1st 5 levels.

    ---------- Post added 2012-03-30 at 05:24 PM ----------

    I had a pair of games last night, that just topped the cake for me.

    1st Game. I was Lulu and got paired top with a Sivir. Sivir goes into our bush into the enemy team and give up 1st blood not even 4 mins in. 3 mins later both in bot dies. mid get raped. For the next 10-12 mins bot dies at least 6 more times each. Sivir dies 2 more times during this time due to lebranc coming and 2 shotting her. At 18 mins bot and mid towers were gone. Overall kills were 8-18 with second mid tower about to go down. I at this time was 0-0-3 due to Sivir and myself taking out fiona three times. 20 min mark 8-23. tried to surrender, 2/3 against surrendering. Bot still feeds for the next 15 mins before surrendering. I finish the game 0-4-10. Overall was 18-39.

    2nd Game. Again I was Lulu. Bot lane with Trynd. I truly hate when people pick him when they don't have a clue on how to play him. At the end of the game he was 4-13-8. Outside of trynd. it was a really good game in which we lost. I ended 0-5-18 with 30-35 CS

    Thus continuing my losing streak for the last couple of days to 10 games
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    Enemy Eve getting like 6 kills in less then 10 minutes. Oh these people.

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    I was playing a blind match today to try out my new vayne skin (finally have the three that i want) and they fed me soo much, i got 14-5-8 and my team still lost...i get these games a lot too.

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    Me, Trynda and Alistar top = we are doing great, killing shaco and jax
    Mid Morgana = Feeding of Tristana, all good here
    Bot, Yi and Akali = 10 minutes to the game, Pantheon and Xin Zhao both have 6 kills. Yi 7 deaths and akali 5.

    I rest my case.

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    Literally JUST had a game where me (Riven) and my friend (Cho) were bot lane against a Graves + GP. My friend gives up first blood but that was honestly my fault as I told him to go in. Afterwards I started to let my Riven swag shine and we proceeded to farm GP and Graves bot. By 14 minutes in I was 7-1 with a Bloodthirster, Boots, and 3 Dorans. After that the enemy team proceeds to babysit Graves and GP in bot lane. Maokai who already came to gank three times (And failed) comes in with their Morg and Trynd and proceed to Penta-gank me and my friend as our team took their turrets. Around 25 minutes in their Trynd is way too fed thanks to top lane and my team proceeds to /all GG "Can't win against a fed Trynd and GP". Bitch I farmed the hell out of GP and YOU we're the assholes that fed Trynd! /facedesk

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    I cant understand the noobs in this game. They die once in their lane, twice, three times..... Y U KEEP FEEDING?!?!?!
    Maybe you learn from the 1st time you die that u cant go ape shit on them you should play it clever and maybe little bit more def until you other team mates are fed / can gank them?

    And then there are these retards who think they are invicible when playing rammus, alistair or any other tanky champion and maybe got couple kills under their belt.
    "Oh the enemy team is there... maybe I should pay them a visit but my team is still quite far away :S. Well FUCK IT Im going they cant hurt me!"

    Bitch please!

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