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    Paladin is clearly based off of the White Tiger pandaren god, while Warlocks look like they're based off of the Chinese Vampires. Jiang ze or something like that. Very nice overall!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maldias View Post
    pally's remind me of the white tiger power ranger, you know from the mighty morphin' power rangers?
    We've been paladins before. Tier 3/5/7. Personally, I'm fine with it, all those sets have been some of my favorites.

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    Hands down, that lock helm is the sickest looking one yet, wow.

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    DAT HELM! Oh blizzard...I would have never expected you to return to a more simple helm style after all those years of silly head gear. I LOVE the simpleness of the set And by simpleness I mean, a "knight look", like the old D3forest green scales on the warlock robe look a bit misplaced, assuming that will change.

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    Not quite my style, especially the colors on all of these, but I appreciate it's good work. I prefer the pally challenge mode set, but variety is good. Looking forward to seeing the other sets!

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    Good ol' White Power Ranger... Love it!!!

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    for the palys the white and black set is cool, but the red set and the white and yellow set look terrible. the lock set just makes giggle

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    I hope the red lock set is normal and not heroic. The mouth friggen moves!

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    Very nice, as always

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    Pali looks pretty good, except the helm can hide it so...yeah.Warlock is sick though.

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    Wow...the first tier since T3 that doesn't absolutely suck. So far, all of the T14 sets are looking amazing.

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    Dat warlock tier. It's the things nightmares are made of.I hope, as a mage, I can get a lookalike set

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    Paladin looks okay, warlock is awesome though.

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    warlock tier looks fine the first and 3rd pally tier colors beautiful the 2nd one iffy

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    Quote Originally Posted by gleepot View Post
    We've been paladins before. Tier 3/5/7. Personally, I'm fine with it, all those sets have been some of my favorites.
    no, then they were alot like the other rangers, now its the awesome power ranger who is an actual martial arts fighter and who's mere presence in dino thunder saved the franchise.

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    So, I'm the only one annoyed by the buttons on the warlock-set?

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    Love the panda totems.

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    Guys, think. If you did not have it labeled, would you know, to which class those sets belong? Lock gear doesnt even look like cloth! And paladins is... Dunno what. Terrible. Hopefully they gonna change it. During Cata I was strictly against saying "amg those sets suck" when you see them for the first time. And I truly liked most of Cata tiers. That suited classes. That werent imba shiny, but still majestatic. Those are the worst. tiers. ever. for those classes. Right now, in this beta build.

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    prolly the worst looking paladin helm in game, i would rather wear a lvl 30 looking helm, then the one for that set. other then that, cool shoulders, and thats about it...

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