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    Paladin Warlock Tier 14 Video, Temple of the Jade Serpent Video, Pet Battle System

    Tier 14 Paladin and Warlock Videos
    Everything looks better in videos, I published 2 small video previews of the new T14 sets discovered last night.

    Temple of the Jade Serpent Instance Preview
    Our lovely Nik (watch our stream!) went through the Temple of the Jade Serpent instance currently available for testing and made a quick video preview of the instance! Now with more monsters, evil bosses, and comments!

    Pet Battle System and Pet Journal Preview
    Let's discuss the Pet Battle System and the upcoming Pet Journal! The features aren't really implemented on beta yet but datamining yielded a decent amount of data to work with! We also have a small video preview of the Pet Journal.

    Hunting Wild Pets
    Acquiring wild pets will be done by tracking them on your minimap, we don't really have details on the entire process/fight but some of those pets will be much rarer than the others. Spawn conditions could depend on the time of the day or the weather in the zone you're in!

    However, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will spend forever browsing the web looking for spawn locations. The game will apparently include a convenient map to show you where you are likely to encounter a specific pet.

    Pet Types
    There is currently 10 pet types in the game. Each type can be strong or weak against another type, for example, Dragonkin attacks deal bonus damage to Flying companions and less damage to other Dragonkin and Water companions. All the details are in the pet skills chart below!

    Pet Skills
    We also have a (mostly) complete of pet skills as of today, keep in mind that this is early beta and the feature isn't even implemented yet. A lot of that stuff is likely to change.

    Dragonkin attacks deal bonus damage to Flying companions and less damage to other Dragonkin and Water companions.
    PyroclasmThe user recklessly launches a powerful torrent of flame at the enemy. Power: 85 Accuracy: 50
    FlamethrowerThe user bathes the area in flame, setting the enemy on fire for 2 turns. Power: 15 + 35 per turn Accuracy: 100
    Flame SpurtA small burst of flame that sears the enemy. Power: 30 Accuracy: 100
    Tail SweepSwipes the enemy with a powerful tail. Deals double damage if the user goes second. Power: 35 Accuracy: 100
    Scorched EarthBurns the ground around the enemy. If they switch companions, they may take damage. Power: 15, 50 upon switch Accuracy: 100, 50
    Dragon's BreathEngulfs the target in flames. Power: 30 Accuracy: 80
    Flying attacks deal bonus damage to Magic companions and less damage to Dragonkin and other Flying companions.
    DivebombThe user flies high into the sky on one turn, then divebombs the enemy. Power: 90 Accuracy: 80
    Talon StrikeThe user divebombs the enemy with sharp talons. Has a high chance to critically strike. Power: 65 Accuracy: 70
    Glancing BlowA fast strike that deals double damage if the user attacks first. Power: 50 Accuracy: 85
    Dust DevilThe user flaps their wings rapidly to launch a dust devil that may linger for an additional turn. Power: 40, 40 Accuracy: 100, 50
    Eagle EyeThe user sharpens their vision to identify weaknesses, increasing critical strike chance for 3 turns. Power: N/A Accuracy: 100
    Aerial RamA reckless ramming attack that hurts the user in the process. Power: 75 enemy, 15 self Accuracy: 100
    Gust of WindRazor sharp winds slash the opponent. Power: 30 Accuracy: 80
    Flying attacks deal bonus damage to Magic companions and less damage to Dragonkin and other Flying companions.
    No abilities yet.
    Critter attacks deal bonus damage to Humanoid companions and less damage to Mechanical and Water companions.
    StampedeThe user triggers a stampede, trampling the enemy. Lasts between 1 and 3 turns. Power: 75 (1-3 turns) Accuracy: 70
    CrouchThe user lowers its body close to the ground, reducing all damage taken for 3 turns. Power: N/A Accuracy: 100
    TackleThe user rushes at the enemy to inflict damage. Power: 30 Accuracy: 100
    ProwlThe user moves silently through the brush, dealing double damage on the next attack. Power: N/A Accuracy: 100
    DeceitDeceives the enemy with an cute look, then deals damage for each buff on them. Power: 35 + 15 * Buffs Accuracy: 85
    Magical attacks deal bonus damage to Dragonkin companions and less damage to Mechanical companions.
    Mystic PowderAfflicts the target with mystical spores, damaging them. Power: 30 Accuracy: 80
    Beast attacks deal bonus damage to Critter companions and less damage to Flying and Humanoid companions.
    Rushing ChargeThe user charges at the enemy. May also stun the target. Power: 50 Accuracy: 80
    Poison FangThe user sinks their fangs into the enemy, poisoning them for 3 turns. Power: 35 Instant, 15 per round Accuracy: 100
    SlashTears into the enemy using deadly claws. Power: 50 Accuracy: 100
    RoarStartles the enemy with a fierce roar, causing them to take increased physical damage for 3 turns. Power: 0 Accuracy: 100
    LeapA powerful leaping attack that may the opponent heavily wounded. Power: 50 Instant + 15 per turn Accuracy: 100 Instant, 35 periodic
    ChompAttacks the enemy with a powerful bite. Power: 50 Accuracy: 100
    Water attacks deal bonus damage to Dragonkin and Mechanical companions and less damage to Humanoid and other Water companions.
    PinchPinches the enemy with a mighty claw. It may prevent the enemy from attacking back. Power: 50 Accuracy: 85
    SnapThe user bites down on the enemy. Power: 30 Accuracy: 100
    Acid RainAcidic rain falls down on the enemy, damaging them over 3 turns. Power: 20 Accuracy: 100
    Acid RainA high-speed wave attack. This move always attacks first. Power: 65 Accuracy: 70
    SurgeA high-speed wave attack. This move always attacks first. Power: 65 Accuracy: 70
    PurifyMagical waters heal the user's wounds. Power: 50
    Rejuvenating RainA tranquil rain starts over the area, healing the user or allies each turn. Lasts 3 turns. Healing: 25 for 3 turns
    Mechanical attacks deal bonus damage to Humanoid companions and less damage to Mechanical and Water companions.
    Ion CannonAnnihilates the enemy with a devastating charged particle beam. The user must recharge afterwards. Power: 90 Accuracy: 50
    Bolt ShockThe user assaults the enemy with a powerful bolt of electricity. Power: 40 Accuracy: 100
    Drill PunchA high-speed attack that may hit the enemy twice. Power: 40 (1-2 times) Accuracy: 70
    DemolishThe user overtunes their body to unleash a high-powered assault. Power: 85 Accuracy: 50
    Sonic BoomLaunches a powerful blast of sound energy at the enemy. It may leave them incapacitated. Power: 30 Accuracy: 100
    Beam CannonBlasts the enemy with a focused arcane beam. It may burn the enemy. Power: 35 + 50 / 2 turns Accuracy: 100, 50

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    Ok, the jaw on that warlock tier is awesome!

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    nice, looks good!

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    Awesome tier for warlocks again.

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    May 2011

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    Battle system looks SAH-WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET.Cannot wait.Time to whip out all my whelps and become the next Lance.

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    wow that jaw moves!!!!!!

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    pokemon? rlly? ...

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    Can't wait to enter Withers in to a few battles

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    okay for the pet battle system, what if you have Lil'Deathwing? he should insta kill other pets

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    Not a fan of the tier sets so far, but with transmog I don't really care. I kinda dislike that they added different types of pets and that they are weak/strong against other types. That's just annoying, and to similar to pokemon. So now it really is turned into pokemon..So much for sticking to one or just a few pets, now you will need at least one of each type.Time to farm BoE pets and save them till MoP launch!

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    Oh fuck you Blizzard. You're sparking my interest again.

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    Awesome set for warlock!

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    The jaw needs to move less "Clown Carnival Machine"-esk. Needs to spend a bit more time closed than open, like a proper mouth?But otherwise, it looks so good.Different, but very very good.

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    *crosses fingers* Dark Samurai set for DK's Pleaaaseeee. Blizzard still need to make up for those last two awful tier sets for DK's. ._.

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    Is it just me or does the Warlock Tier remind you of Darnie Darko a little bit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FPSPolski View Post
    okay for the pet battle system, what if you have Lil'Deathwing? he should insta kill other pets
    He'll grow tentacles and start casting "Mini Cataclysm." Then Lil' Nozdormu, Lil' Alexstraza, Lil' Kalecgos, and Lil's Ysera will assist the Argent Gruntling and a group of 10-25 Lil' Raiders fight back while Lil' Deathwing splashes around in the Lil' Maelstrom Kiddie Pool.

    Edit: Derp'd the names
    Last edited by Ayasu; 2012-03-30 at 03:43 AM.

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    No way, the "clown carnival machine" look is what makes it creepy and cool. Keep the animation at the speed it is at.

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    The japanese called they wanted their idea back

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    I said this on your previous post but I'm posting this again because you embedded one of his videos and said he is "lovely Nik" but Boub, you may want to get a different person to do your livestreaming. This guy Nik, playing the Rogue, is a complete ass and is the "gogogo" guy. In his first group that he got, he bitched about the tank taking "too long" to pull stuff and when they wiped on the second boss like four times the tank tabbed out to try and find a strat for the fight. Then the Rogue kept dps'ing the wrong add in the fight when it's stacks were up at 8 after he said they need to switch at 5 but blamed other people for the wipe (when he said the 5 stack strategy "didn't work out"). Tried vote kicking the tank and said "I don't have time for this" and asked the livestream viewers if he should bail. I'm sorry but this isn't Hour of Twilight dungeons, this is new shit with new mechanics and after dying four times, as a tank I would start looking up strategies too. If he doesn't have time for it maybe he shouldn't be doing this type of thing. It's beta testing, it's learning and some things may be bugged so perhaps a bit of research to see if an encounter is even doable is in order. The guy is an elitist ass and how he ever got legendary daggers boggles the mind if he can't even watch stacks on a mob without getting tunnel vision on his own damage complaining "oh I can't get any combo points." That's not the point of the fight and bitching about it is stupid. It's a big mark against MMO-Champion to have their name on something run by someone that is such an elitist ass that he would do those things when the dungeon isn't even a day old. You want powerhouse group then form it yourself with people you know plain and simple. I don't think I'll be watching anymore of their livestream for this reason. You want to get a stream running for MMO Champion, be a bit more selective in the person you have running it.

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