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    Blackhorn, Shadowfiend on Twilight Drakes + Ultraxion tips

    Hi guys, i'm here with a question about shadow dps in this fight...
    We finally killed this yesterday, but in the 2 try we had, i noticed that the shadowfiend just... go crazy when i summon him and order to attack harpooned drakes.
    He run left->right->left->right on the hitbox, without actually swinging. so my 4p doesn't proc, and my burst sucks (we managed to kill on 1 harpoon anyway) :|
    i noticed yesterday only, because shadow is my os, and i got my 4p only yesterday.
    Any tip to burst them down? =)
    the log is here anyway

    My ilevel is 392, ~2600 haste, ~10500 spellpower, 12mastery + baleroc 391 trinket

    and, if i can ask, can i ask if my ultraxion dps (from the same log) is that crap with my gear?
    thank you very much


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    DPS seems right for your ilvl on Ultraxion.

    On Blackthorn, I would do one of two things, either:
    1. Use your shadowfiend/DA cooldown on the drakes. But put the shadowfiend on one of the melee adds after they charge. I would only do this if the drakes dying is a problem. And just focus fire on the second drake target, not the one everyone is killing.
    2. Use your cooldowns normally as you would without the 4 piece until phase 2.

    The best thing you could work on for that fight, is dotting the drakes every time they fly over. And keeping DoTs on every target throughout the fight. I would ignore the shadowfiend issue, just pop cooldowns normally and make sure you are getting dots on everything. Make a macro to target the drakes and Goriona so it is easier on you.

    Hope that helps!
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