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    Well, there's no denying that sometimes things in beta actually make it to live as is, without change. We've seen it before. With that in mind, if you see something, bring it up, and try your best to be balanced and logical about how you present your concerns. And ignore the people that tell you it's just Beta. You know it's just Beta, I'd like to assume, but that's no reason not to discuss things.. and express concerns if you have them. It's not like talking about such things, politely, will hurt anyone.

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    This isn't a really constructive thread and it doesn't have many constructive responses either. Two things:

    1. It's beta and that stuff is what could be datamined so far. There may be a lot more items that just aren't in the game files yet.
    2. Post your feedback on the beta forums please. You won't change anything by complaining about it here.

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