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    holy spec for heroic spine

    Hi all

    My guild starts working on Heroic Spine 25's tonight and i'm wondering whether i should tweak my spec. Specifically, i play Holy and was wondering if i should add Divine Touch and possibly Rapid Renewal, and if so, what should i cut.

    I am unable to post armory link, but I am Worm of Bladefist if you want to look up my spec.

    I ask because someone posted here a couple months ago an excellent guide to heroics for Priests. For the heroic spine fight, they emphasized the importance of spamming renews on the players with debuffs

    I'm particularly interested in the opinions of those Holy Priests who have healed the heroic version in 25's.

    And no, i'm not switching to disc for the fight.


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    I'm a 10man healer who heals Spine as Holy, but I figure I can still share a few words anyways.

    Renew is a wonderful thing for this fight. I would say go for Divine Touch and Rapid Renewal. If I were you, I would drop Inspiration if you have a Resto Shaman in the raid. I can understand the validity of using SoR and Blessed Resil for this fight, so it's your choice where you'd drop the one last point from to get Rapid Renewal (between Darkness, SoR, and Blessed Resil). This is actually one of the few fights I would love to have SoR on, since I usually tend to die towards the end of the fight Gotta love healing aggro while already fading on CD (and having Fade glyphed -.-) One thing though is I notice you don't have Body and Soul. I was going to drop it for this fight initially, until I realized it's quite useful for when the tank is kiting the adds.

    Also, I prefer to use Burning Shadowspirit Diamond personally as the meta gem, might be something you'd want to consider. Also putting +65 mastery onto gloves (versus your +50) would be a small enchant improvement.

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    edit: i'm sorry, something I said was from a skewed point of view. For some reason i got the idea you are doing this in 10. So everything about my post was aimed at 10's. So, pretty much useless post ><. RR is amazing on h spine 25.

    Haven't deleted it, but just kind of separated it off, so tl;dr:
    I wouldn't bother with RR, but divine touch is a definite yes. The reason I say RR is iffy, depending on your healcomp you'll just run out of renews to apply and be forced to fill Heal/GHeal or stand idle in 10 man. Since renew/sanc/coh/pom are your big hitters, any extra time spent GHealing just contributes to OOM.
    I guess it's a personal thing. If you find yourself able to support GHeal fill then RR is good. If you need to conserve mana for the end and spend a lot of time idle or filling Heal, RR is kind of a wasted point.
    I am disc/AA for this fight, my counterparts are Holy Priest and RSham. Pretty good heal comp it seems like :D
    Talents I would DEFINITELY take that aren't always a given for holy:
    - Divine touch (like you said)
    - Blessed resilience
    - Surge of light
    - Inspiration, maybe. If you need to dump blood residue on rolls, AND you don't have ancestral healing, specifically. That will depend what kind of tank you have (blood aoe is physical, DK tanks and bear tanks don't have to dispose as many bloods)
    - mental agility 3
    - veiled shadows 2
    I *almost* agree with my counterpart's spec ([email protected]) but I'd move a point from darkness and a point from empowered healing into divine touch.
    PS. sorry about before. I am speaking from experience now :)
    Quote Originally Posted by ellumina
    Also, I prefer to use Burning Shadowspirit Diamond personally as the meta gem, might be something you'd want to consider
    Yes, this for sure, it's something I didn't realize until about a month and a half ago. If you look at your logs carefully, you'll find that 3% larger crits is about 1% additional throughput. As holy if you consider replen and arcane torrent, the extra mana from a 2% larger manapool and the extra active regen that brings only equals one extra PoH for most fights. Two on spine. It's worth considerably less than 0.5% HPS.
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    Just backing up what others have said - divine touch is awesome. The burning meta is really good too and if you can get veiled shadows its handy as I still find mana quite tight depending on how many bloods dps needlessly kill to pad meters

    No real need to switch disc - we run one disc and 1 holy priest most raids. Best of luck

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