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    best sith assassin specc pvp

    hello, i just wanted to hear what is the best assassin specc for pvp??

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    Infiltration/Deception is the best for spike dmg. If you want to soak hits Kinetic/darkness is good. Darkness also puts out some nice AoE dmg and debuffs .
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    One of the stronger specs right now is a darkness/madness hybrid using all dps gear.


    Or a full tank build also using all dps gear.


    Madness seems to suffer from a lack of damage, but does have a great deal of CC. Deception has strong single target damage, but lacks survivability and utility. The darkness specs right now are close in damage, have survivability, and lots of utility.

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    I currently play a darkness build in PvP with tanking gear on my assassin. If done right, you can get upwards to 11 medals in a match right now. But don't expect to top the damage or healing charts with that. Protection on the other hand, that goes up from the Whither de-buff, taunts, and using guard on players taking a lot of damage. If you have a pocket healer, the two of you can easily go an entire 15min warzone and never die if done right.

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