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    I hope that rdruids will be playable, just because now if I could choose between shaman or druid, I'd go for the shaman.
    But, yea, they didn't so much in a few seasons for the OP shaman/pally, if we are OP for some seasons it shouldn't be so bad

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    Resto Druids get both Ironbark and Barkskin.

    EDIT: Sorry I was wrong. Barkskin appears in the spellbook if you don't have a spec. Choosing Restoration makes Barkskin disappear from the spellbook.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tangedyn View Post
    Resto Druids get both Ironbark and Barkskin.

    Here is a breakdown of resto druid pvp now and atm beta.
    1) Healing burst on live i very pathetic, in 3vs3 a resto druid will not be able to heal someone up if people start bursting someone because regrowth crits 15k compared to everyone elses 30k flash heals or ghw.
    On beta regrowth always crits with the glyph. It heals more then on live, but we cant compare it since its Beta, numbers will change allot. So its 1 great + especially in random BGs where people are mostly tunnel vision playing.
    2) The lifebloom problem. Having 3 lbs on one person and having to use 3gcds to put the 3lb on someone else is the main issue.
    With the glyph you no longer have this issue making arena play much better when someone hard switches on another target.
    3) Kiting and CC. Atm we have allot of tools but all of them become useless when 1 melee is on us interrupting and slowing us. Another problem with it is that we must constantly use some gcd to heal because of an chance of enemies bursting your team mates. Our kiting ability is useless against any melee, we just can't kite anymore, its only useful against frost mages. A resto shaman can kite the melee better then us.
    On beta we got wild charge, Faerie Swarm, Disorienting Roar(our version of physic scream but better). Now we can actually kite.
    Also our cyclone now doesn't get pushback from damage so our CC is now useful.
    4) Damage reduction on live, we got none apart from leather armor and resilience. We got barkskin and bear form, but still a resto druid is mostly not in bear form because he has to heal hes team mates constantly.
    On beta its still the same damage reduction, we can get bursted down by 2-3 melees very easily if it stays like this. Currently we heal allot so it seems that we can hold on a few melees on ourselves, but that will change ofc to where it is now on live or a bit better.
    5) TLR So to sum up, on live we are shit except on a few comps with allot more skill involved.
    On beta everything is much better except for the survivability against melee, but we can kite much better than now. If we could get some permanent armor increase talent/whatever we would be back to a great healer maybe OP one.

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    Sorry I was wrong. Barkskin appears in the spellbook if you don't have a spec. Choosing Restoration makes Barkskin disappear from the spellbook.

    Also using /cast Barkskin will cast Ironbark instead

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangedyn View Post
    Sorry I was wrong. Barkskin appears in the spellbook if you don't have a spec. Choosing Restoration makes Barkskin disappear from the spellbook.

    Also using /cast Barkskin will cast Ironbark instead
    Actually as of the new build:

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    Maybe they'll add both, like Hand of Protection and Divine shield?

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    actually its a very strong glyph in pvp. Does this glyph replace the glylph that allows us to switch lifebloom on the targets with 1 gcd?

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    Just tested on the latest beta update.
    Ironbark and Barkskin are now both available to Restoration Druids.
    Despite the tooltip update on Ironbark, they do NOT share a cooldown. I can use both independently of each other.
    If you cast both on yourself, the second one will override the other.

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    I honestly dont see Resto Druids improving all that much in PvP, specifically arena.

    A lot of the new talents will add some cool utility, but I think feral and boomkin specs will benefit a lot more from them.

    The current state of PvP (by current, I mean for the entire Cata expansion) has resto druids easily at the bottom of the pack.

    They are far too squishy.
    HoTs just aren't as effective as Disc shields and Shaman/Paladin healing bombs.
    Only one good CD (ToL), and once that is over it is pretty much "kill the resto druid", or "kill the resto druid during ToL for lulz".
    We lack utility to the extreme - all we have is Cyclone (pretty much), which is great, but still requires us to spend time casting it.
    -Priests have pain sup, barrier, AoE fear, offensive dispels, mass dispel, mana burn, can mind spike / blast for extra burst, fear ward, PW: Death, etc.
    -Shamans have Spirit Link (that is honestly enough), grounding totem, tremor, earthbind, wind shear, offensive dispels, hex, and ridiculous healing, etc
    -Paladins have bubble, hand of sac, BoP, freedom, HoJ, aura mastery, guardian, beacon, and very strong healing, etc
    Most of what I listed will still be here in MoP, and if you take a look at Priests / Shamans / Paladin talents, they are only getting strong.
    Not to mention Monks will probably be OP in at least one of their specs for the majority of MoP.

    The fact is that Druids have problems right now COMPARED to other healers. There is never a moment where you would rather bring a resto druid to your 3s team over any of the other 3 healing classes.
    This problem isn't being addressed or changed. Even if druids get a little stronger because of say, the new talents.... so are other classes (some a lot stronger).

    I hope things do change. My main is a resto druid. However, I have an 85 shaman, priest, and paladin, and I can tell you it would be foolish for me to do 3s on my resto druid when I compare it to another class. Based on all the changes that Blizzard has announced, I don't see this changing. They simply aren't addressing like 95% of our problems in PvP atm.

    I am sure you will still be able to do BGs, RBGs, and Arena with your friends, but don't expect to be the fotm healer, and don't expect to coast your way to 2200 as a resto druid.

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