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    Guessing Chaos Bolt is replacing Soul Fire for Destruction to clean up Soul Fire's use in Demonology.

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    This pleases me

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    Think I got almost every change (aside from the number ones, as those are relatively unimportant) in my post here. Caught at the end of the page ><.

    Mostly huge quality of life improvements and such. Our fundamental playstyle doesn't seem to be that different - Chaos Bolt instead of Soul Fire, and CB will cast faster via Pyromania and/or Destructive Influence, but nothing more than that. Fel Flame no longer increases Immolate duration in the tooltip, but it also said so last patch while it continued to do so, so who knows - it's probably intended not to. Still makes our base rotation a bit yawn, unfortunately.

    Still, a lot of things will have to be seen on the actual client. Who knows, maybe ember generation got buffed, mana costs got reduced, or so forth.

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    I have to say they really stepped it up and handled a lot of Destro problems. I'm beginning to like what I see. I was leaning towards Demo off spec before today, but I'm more neutral about it now. Hell to be honest, I'm beginning to let go of my Affliction fixation and starting to realise that all 3 specs are fun enough for me to main them, banking on Demo getting worked out like they did for Destro.

    I'm very much looking forward to the future of Warlocks.

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    I like all of those new changes added but... I'm really dissapointed with the change from Soul Fire to Chaos Bolt. I know many warlocks love green fire, but I don't, I'm an orange fire guy, and the new animation and sound of Soul Fire while casting and landing are just awesome...

    Sad panda here...

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    Good changes this patch.

    Pyromania will make it so the 4 ember rotation won't be the thing, since you'll want to use them on chaos bolt more, however it does suck that we will get less haste incinerates now.

    Havoc cooldown still seems long for 3 spells, but I guess if chaos bolt is hitting anywhere near as hard as soul fire was it'll be a big cooldown still.

    I love the doomguard change, I have always enjoyed my dps spiking in execute /shrug.

    Thank god soul harvest is back, it was frustrating not to have it as affliction.
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    is it me, or does the wording on havoc make it sound like you can place it on the same target you are casting on and it will sort of duplicate it on it as well... or maybe i got it wrong, someone test this if possible plz.

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    Strange that chaos bolt's damage is shadow damage. I'm hoping that it retains its absorption piercing ability.

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    Something that hasn't been noticed yet is that the new Burning Embers tooltip no longer mentions anything about self-damage. Maybe they removed it? In all honesty I hope this is true, it was just never going to work out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grizelda View Post
    Strange that chaos bolt's damage is shadow damage. I'm hoping that it retains its absorption piercing ability.
    It says it's based from your shadow spellpower, not that it deals shadow damage. From the wording it seems it may actually deal Chaos damage (at least I hope).

    And sadly, from the tooltip it doesn't appear as though it retains it's piercing ability. However, if it does in fact deal Chaos damage it wouldn't need it because Chaos (I think) innately ignores all absorbs, immunities and resistance.


    Never mind, you were right. It does say it deals Shadow damage, however Wowhead's tooltip states Fire...
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    I'd hate to lose the damage from embers. I want to feel like I'm trading my life for power. I don't think we have life tap as destro (do we?).
    I just want it to be a good, or at least an interesting trade off.

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    I'm a bit confused about something. Did Fel Flame use to increase the ember charge? If it did, does it still do the same thing? Cause I would live to toss a couple of fel flames rather than refresh immolate itself.

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    chaotic energy no longer affects fel flames damage it would appear =\

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    ^ newish cb animation, looks like you shoot a dragon at people now.

    and lol @ the new core abilities page

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    Fire and Brimstone is no longer on the GCD. Destro aoe feels really good if you get half decent crit RNG while incin cleaving. This will be unbelievably fun for fights like Halfus where there's enough targets to be ember-positive while cleaving the hell out of the pile.

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    The dragon head is indeed impressive on chaos bolt. But why did they not turn the casting aura green? :/

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    Any of you guys noticed the... HUUUUGE Mastery figures we got on the beta...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marximos View Post
    Any of you guys noticed the... HUUUUGE Mastery figures we got on the beta...
    They're experimenting with a different formatting display for mastery on the character sheet. The values have not changed at all.
    Back when dot snapshotting was a thing, I wrote this piece of junk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keldion View Post
    They're experimenting with a different formatting display for mastery on the character sheet. The values have not changed at all.
    Makes sense, considering the damage output wasn't affected.. but the 132% mastery sure was nice to see!!

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    Grimmoire of sacrifice gives 30% more dmg on DD(60% 1st 15s) instead of 15% thou it might be a visual bug, havent managed to test it coz the client keeps crashing. It's not just visual.
    Found a bug with pyromania, after u use conflag, u'll get 3 backdraft stacks but if u use one with incinerate the next 1 to 4 chaos bolts cast time will be lower but wont consume the remaining backdraft stacks.
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    I wasn't able to get Chaos Bolt to have a shorter cast time, even with 3 stacks of backdraft.

    The Fire and Brimstone combined with Incin and Fel Flame not needing Immo on the target to gen an ember makes destro very potent for situations where there are ~6-7 targets depending on crit chance.

    Has anyone else noticed that Immolate generates Embers? I don't think it's in the tooltip but I saw my embers increasing without casting incin or fel flame

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