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    As much as I was put off by your clearly "higher than thou" - attitude in the post I gave your video a look, and I must say you've certainly gone through a great deal of trouble putting that together and for that I salute you. But as others have said, MMO-Champion really doesn't recognize anything until it has gained a certain amount of popularity.
    I think this is the best response and summary in this thread. I hope he will continue doing nice tools for WoW players.
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    If in MoP there is a weapon called "Ramsay's Calculating Cutter" I take full credit k guys. Regardless if there is a rare boss named Ramsay that drops it <- Ridoncoulously kidding
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    This sounds like a fantastic tool, and as a Death Knight, all the better.


    You didn't specify a timeframe, so I assume you contact us around now. The probable reason you didn't get a reply is due to the huge influx of MoP news. That stuff doesn't just magically appear on the front page. It's compiled over hours by the moderators and admins of the site, discussed, tweaked, and finally posted. It's more than possible you got lost in the shuffle, and I apologize. I don't know if your tool is something that would necessarily have been featured, though, as the front page is usually reserved for news or stuff that affects World of Warcraft as a whole. Now, you could probably post something about it, with permission from the admins, in the Death Knight forum (which is your target audience anyway), but I'd make sure to get that permission first.

    Creating a thread in General Discussions to complain about it is not a good idea, though, so I will be closing this.

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