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    All I can say is, regardless how good its gonna be I will haft to play this for very long. Honestly, what other games coming out thats any good?

    I hate that there is still 44 days to go Its a nice read trough OP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by probert View Post
    I'll finish Act 1 today and then start again with another class
    I really doubt that you will finish Act 1 .
    The beta only contains 1/3 of Act 1. That probably explains why you feel you have such an easy time too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimarhri View Post
    Problem with TOR is that it gets tedious after awhile for a guy to explain a different way to kill X amount of things in a 5 minute conversation. Especially a second go around leveling an alt.
    Gets tedious for some, doesn't get tedious for others. That's why every game should have both options; text quest logs without videos (even if you can skip them) for those with heavy ADD or who just don't care to watch the videos, and videos for those who just want to sit back and listen instead of reading.
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    It may have already been answer but I didn't see it, how many people per game in D3? 8 like D2? Or...?
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    Party cap is set to four players.

    And as far as beta thoughts go, D3 looks/feels good overall. A couple of classes could use a bit more polish though - monks especially are too left clicky, imo.

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    If you play the starting area of any game, it's always ludicrously easy, to ease in players who are new to the genre / controls / etc. Also as I was playing through the starter area i was obsessively killing every mob and checking every nook and cranny. Which meant I was almost "over-levelled" by the time I was doing stuff, and obviously the level cap being 13, which requires a little grinding to hit, in the actual game you wouldn't be still in that area, you would have moved on to the next place with mobs actually tuned for your level range.

    I would be somewhat reluctant to comment on how the classes will fare balance wise after such a few levels, and with so many possibilities still locked.

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    After putting something like 5-6 hours into all the classes, I've sorta changed my mind. My earlier rankings remain the same, but they feel so close to each other that it doesn't really matter in the slightest. So play whatever feels good to you! Now I have the spend the next month trying to figure out what class I want to play first. Kinda leaning towards Barb or DH,but I am really contemplating WD now, when in the beginning I couldn't stand it one bit.

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    Demon Hunter
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    I'll be skipping this one.

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    Ive got my Beta Invite like 3 days ago...played 2 Classes so far (Sorc+Baba) and i am totally loving the Game!!!!

    And you cant really say its "to easy", when you saw only a minor fraction of the actual game.
    The 10 levels are nothing buddy^^
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    Dunno what level you played a demon hunter to, but rapid fire is freaking amazing. Leveled up a DH to level 13 and he has like 119 Dexterity right now, got two good 1 handed crossbows duel wielding. I freaking destroy shit with rapid fire, with the first rune.

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