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    Yep this thing is overpopulated all i can say is be like the panda and have patience .
    things will calm down over next or two and this will a very very pleasant beta.

    Already after the few quests are done things ease up.

    Lots of fun to be had.
    once you guys get the invite
    and in doin so a little later the experience will be more fluid. So hang tight. :-)

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    And there will be a different but similar thread at release. "All people who haven't bought MoP yet but are considering it, you shouldn't be excited" then go on to complain about start zone lag, because everyone that bought the expansion are in the same zone.
    The reason people won't listen here is because it's something they have looked forward to for a long time and will each enjoy it for different reasons. I disagree with the thread title and will be looking forward to getting my invite regardless of how many people are playing, because it is peace of mind.
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    Stop acting as if the beta is a demo/preview and get busy finding bugs and reporting them.

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    this post makes me laugh... Even PTRs for PATCHES are like this and have many bugs.. Why in gods name would you expect a game that is atleast 3 months from coming out, (that just hit beta a week ago mind you) to play smooth... If MoP was good to go, don't you think they would be selling it already, and not have it JUST hit beta?

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    I was sleeping! But I'm here now. OP: There are a lot of open threads regarding the beta and first impressions right over in the Mists of Panderia General Discussions forum. Please, feel free to post your thoughts regarding it there.


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