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    That was a guess, and without more detail we'll stick to reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mawaru View Post
    Read the original post, he seems to think he'll save $100 by buying Sandy Bridge right now. Maybe he knows about a deal or something that could save him money? Who knows.
    Like Drunkenvalley said, that was conjecture on the OP's part, he even said "My guess is that".

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    Yes, that was pure conjecture on my part, and focused more on the MB price than the processor price.

    I ended up grabbing an I5-2500K, etc, from NewEgg, with a bit of extra memory (personal preference), and an Overclocked EVGA 560 Ti (1GB).

    Besides gaming (WoW, D3), I'll watch video, do some development (Groovy, Python, maybe some Grails), run VMs for testing, and multitask a lot. I'm thinking of adding a third monitor, but that won't be for a bit, depending on cash flow and desk space. I'm sure I'll add an internal HD or two over the life of the system.

    Thanks for all the helpful advice, everyone!

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