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    More beta servers up o.O

    It's seems that since this morning there has been large increase in number of beta servers, please enjoy this april's fool day : )

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    Someone already beat you to it.

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    .. to obvious! why couldn't you have made it all funny like.. with pictures and.. stuff.

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    i was too lazy to open photoshop, i guess thats why this lacks the interesting part, this is why i aint comedian : P

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    hope you get perma banned

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    ^ Someone's angry.

    It was fairly obvious this was going to be a joke when I read the title but clicked anyway 'cause I secretly hoped it was true.

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    yeah i figured it would be a joke

    still hope haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by camelcrane View Post
    hope you get perma banned
    I lol'd at this^. You take life too seriously :P

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    dont mess with my pandapack

    thats all i ask for

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