I was looking in the new MoP Talents and Spells and was wondering at this point in the beta which is the best tank ?

From from my own point of view paladins now are the best in survivability , cooldowns and raid utility on live, Divine Guardian is just so strong , but its removed in MoP which i find not fair since warriors got to keep relaying cry + it was removed from the shared cd' and with these changes i see no point in bringing a prot pala to a raid.

From what i can see now in beta druids are by far the best tanks at least in cooldowns because if the other tanks have 3 cd's (4 with Symbiosis) ( or maybe i missed but they all have like 3 defensive cooldowns ) but druid tanks have 5 defensive cooldowns 4 normal ones + Symbiosis.

Death Knights even though i really like how they work as tanks spell wise / rotation wise i don't see them that strong in beta.

Was wondering what you guys that have beta and actually play a tank char think about the tanking system in MoP