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    Elemental Oblivion 25/10m raiding guild 3/8 HM Staghelm pve server

    Elemental Oblivion is a 25/10 man raiding guild on the US Staghelm pve server. Currently trying to fill our core for further 25 man hard mode progression and build a solid raiding environment for the next expansion. We raid three nights a week Tuesdays,Thursdays and Sunday's from 7:30 sever - 11 server ( 8:30 est - 12 est) Tuesday being a 25 man run for gearing and Thursday's/ Sunday's dedicated to Hard mode 10 man progression run. We hope to build our roster strong enough to run 25 mands on a full time basis. Recruitment is open to every class and spec, If you are interested write back here or contact Traks, Calïsto, Eipapi in game. We are open for discussion to establish mergers as well.
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    main raiding spots are available for healing tanking and dps

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    pref a dk tank but any will do

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    could use some shamen and resto druid healers

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    solid mages and warlocks

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    really close to having full core of 25 for heroic progression lf 1 - healers and DPS

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    for any further details feel free to contact me in game on Traks staghelm alliance. The mission of my guild is to grow to become competitive in the coming expansion and this is the perfect time build bonds with players wanting to be competitive and strive to be the best.

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    come give us a try

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