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    My same concern as with how they're going about LFR loot. Gearing up your alt spec is going to be kinda difficult :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by againstme View Post
    Dynamic quest rewards? Are you shitting me? Whats dynamic about that? Rewarding a class with an appropriate weapon/item that they can actually use? Really? If this impresses you people then that just blows my mind.

    There are so many other games that aren't as successful that've implemented that from their early stages. Why did it take this long for them to put in appropriate weapons for the class?
    one could ask why have you lived so long of your life without realizing how much of an idiot you sound like when you s**t bricks about a video game. as if someone is stealing your oxygen. get a life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brok3nh3lix View Post
    edit: gah, clicked wrong reply... this is in response to an early post about how mobs use green fire, and that all spells arnt one color...

    your missing the issue entirely. The spell effect is tied to the spell, its not they cant change the color, its that they cant do so with a glyph easily or in a way that does'nt involve a bunch superfulus code, which is inefiecient from a programming stand point, something they have to be cautious of. It may also require changes across classes and possibly mobs as well. When you see the green fire from say a mob, its not casting the same spell in the database as your warlock is casting, it just may have the same name in the dispaly field, but the spell it self is a different entry.

    They could make the glyph remove the current spell from your spell book, and then give you a new idetical spell with the exception of the color, but then that can lead to having to make changes across the class for all sorts of other effects like procs and such that need to referance this new spell as well, not to mention twice the work when changes are made to it.

    they dont want to just give all warlocks green fire period because some warlocks might still want red fire.

    if you understand how programing and tables work, its easier to understand how it could be an issue for them if it wasn't something that was considered when the spell system was created in the first place. They can of course write new code, but as they say, its alot of time as it affects more than just warlocks, and that means man power and money. Yes they have alot of that, but its something they have to take away from work on something else they may consider more important at thist time. Its not like they have programmers just sitting around on the bench, they are working on things. And simply hireing more only to lay them off later when the work ammount goes down isnt a great plan either, and can lead to quality issues. Not to mention, even when you hire an experienced programmer, they have to learn the ins and outs of the engine before they can work on an overhall to a core system like this.

    So its not that its impossible, they dont say that, only that under the current system used, theres not a good or in thier view acceptable way to do it.
    As a fellow coder, I'd say they were 90% of the way there already.

    Consider Druid forms changing based on hair color. That's already a dynamic spell effect which changes for both the player and all observers. Granted it's tied to a variable which the game already checks when loading models (hair color), and isn't quite the same as spell effects. But considering that MoP will allow a random form color/model on shift via glyph, and that the game has already had *some* customization of spell effects (polymorph, etc.), we're not talking about all that much code left to write.

    I think it's pretty clearly a matter of there being far too few devs assigned to MoP (they've clearly been working on it for 7 or 8 months already, and that's the reason why DS bosses = fighting old, enlarged mob models in Dragonblight), and they are on too brutal a dev schedule to have someone use up a day or two for a feature tagged as low priority compared to Farmville and Pokemon.

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    Those cloud serpents whilst beautifully designed, couldn't look more of place in a game if they tried...

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    People hating on the dragons for being "out of place" need to consider the WIDE variety of mounts there actually are. With such an immense diversity they aren't meant to all match EVERY-PART-OF-AZEROTH. They're supposed to provide us with more variation and enjoyment. Which well done to the designers whom made them and for the movement. They are truly gorgeous to watch.
    Love the changes that are going to take place and can't wait to get my hands on it. Stealing my other half's beta while he's busy and love the game so far it's a delight on the eyes and all the new -side games-/extras should add quite a bit to the game. Goodness how many people spend their time on minigames on iphones, ipads, etc? Should be amazing.

    And as a woman thing, love the horde. Especially the trolls, their hair and Jamaican appeal is amazing, not to mention raptors <3.

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    Has the dynamic quest reward system been put in the beta yet? I don't have access (yet) so I'd appreciate feedback from those who do.
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    Loving everything they are doing so far. Can't wait for that Cloud Serpent.
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    Cooking has specializations, huh? Broiling... steaming... gnawing... biting, breaking, hacking, BURNING! DESTROYERS AND USURPERS, CURSE THEM!!

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    i don't like the new quest reward thingy, what if i want something just for transmog...

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    I totally agree 110 percent

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