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    News (6th March 2007)

    Fathom Lord Karathress Europe first kill by Nihilum
    Update : another loot dropped by For the Horde guild on Destromath server)

    The Nihilum raid was (click names for their Armory page):
    Warrior (2)
    Kungen, Zucchero
    Priest (3)
    Muqq, Tharghan, Crowley
    Paladin (2)
    Awake, Johnnyr
    Shaman (2)
    Todie, Trogdor
    Druid (4)
    Rulah, Sindree, Scheela, Marilyn
    Mage (3)
    Ekke, Quantz, Frakt
    Warlock (2)
    Buzzkill, Clinkz
    Rogue (4)
    Epi, Inthya, Cloze, Bollebob
    Hunter (1)
    Missing Names (2)
    Post in comments if you know who is missing

    Fathom Lord Karathress world first kill by Death and Taxes

    Their raid was (click names for their Armory page):
    Warrior (4)
    Hinamori, Lovelychobo, Vestige, Xodexx
    Priest (3)
    Anujit, Cherrie, Wyndryder
    Paladin (3)
    Xaviera, Nidhogg, Ryuujin
    Shaman (2)
    Kiberian, Vaari
    Druid (2)
    Winterkiss, Aquilae
    Mage (3)
    Domali, Antale, Bloodshot
    Warlock (4)
    Aspe, Blunted, Tellahx, Raidboss
    Rogue (2)
    Luxx, Blacken
    Hunter (2)
    Ravel, Dolemite

    Yeah, i know, i said Maulgar guide would be up yesterday, but it's not. It was longer than expected to photoshop something that doesn't look too ugly, just have to list abilities and strategy now.
    Gruul should be faster, expect them both today.

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