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    Man... All my friends from <The Asylum> on Hyjal. Life happened, and they all sort of went their seperate ways, and the guild is just a shell these days. Hey, if you guys are out there, Roathe says hey! So many good times, man...they made BC special.

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    My old guild master. He was a great guy and shame we lost any contact.

    Signature made by my best friend Aryiana.

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    I dont really have a single person, but I think there were 3 times in my wow life that I truly enjoyed the game, and life in general. Call it an euphoric moment in life, or a sort of epiphany, where every fun aspect of wow was actually fun...and made sense, where I didnt just succumb to only raiding...or only doing dailies, but did every aspect of wow in its entirety with enjoyment. It involved 3 people:

    1. The first was when I moved back to my home state, after a rough breakup for myself. I had quit wow about a year prior, after 3 years of playing it from vanilla beta onwards.

    During the summer of my new job I overheard a bunch of coworkers talking about wow, which led to a lot of poking fun at each other and joking around. One of the female coworkers and I got into talking about the game, anime, and what not (I dont honestly remember our first conversation that well...I have terrible short term memory problems), and one thing led to another and we started hanging out after work together often to watch anime together, or stay up for the diablo 3 announcement news streams, etc.

    At the same time I started up wow again and rolled a male warrior on her server. We leveled together quite often (her on her shaman), and that was the first time since I started playing mmos that leveling wasnt a chore or boring. I had always initially loved a new game...until the newness wore off, and then I came to terms with how dreadful all the leveling experiences had been. Im sure playing with a girl you were infatuated with didnt hurt matters any, and helped distract from some unruly grinding.

    We never did advance our relationship further than that though, to much of my own unfortunate credit and regret. She had a long distance relationship at the time of our meeting and I had chosen not to try and butt into it. It was a sad state of affairs though shortly after. She had decided to quit her job (So I saw her less often and it was more unaccommodating to make time to hang out), and soon we just stopped talking to one another altogether. I suppose the start of that was after my shift she was there with her parents for a get together, and offered to have me hang out for a while, but I was dreadfully tired and declined. The pitfall was that as I walked out the door I was greated by another coworker (female) who had quit/fired/on her way out (do not remember exactly). It started off with her talking about her sudden engagement with her boyfriend and her troubles, and progressed into taking about the girl I had been hanging out with (How she seems to like me, I should ask her out, my response of her having a boyfriend already..yadda yadda). Unknown to me an hour or so had passed, and the girl I had been hanging out with comes out the front door with her family..and sees me still here....talking to another girl....after I had profuse my desire to head home. Needless to say, my earnest attempt to console and briefly chatter with another coworker ended in an awkward situation that I think kicked it all off to the bitter end.

    2. It was some time after the above that I stopped playing on her server and went back to my old characters on my original server...namely my paladin. I did the 60-70 leveling (Was still towards the end of TBC) and got into a social "sort of raiding" guild, that was all but actively social (To my best memory). It was then that I sort of accidentally got pulled into a regular Isles Daily quest run with one of the officers of the guild (I think) , a warrior. He showed me around the Isle, the other dailies outside of it that are turned in at the Isle, got me into publicly speaking in Vent/TS on a regular basis with others (I was the typical quiet guy) , and generally pulled me out of my shell as much as he could (without it being an active thing he was trying to do) . This was when I started seeing the game as a whole, the farming for money, doing content other than raiding, hanging out in a group, doing something more than once (the grind) while not having it be a chore, being very active again in pvp, other than bg zerging, etc. I felt pretty comfortable in the guild, I had a good friend, and the people he knew. Of course this was around the time blizzard started making drastic changes to ret paladins...and paladins in general, so it was some real exciting times and memories.

    He just stopped logging on all of a sudden after wrath was released (I presume he was just finally burned out, understandably) , I had started my death knight on first day of wrath, and I think i got it to 80 shortly after, but I too just sort of stopped logging on after a while. The guild had pretty much dissolved, my friend was never on, and wow had changed maybe too much too fast. So I took my second real "break" from the game, until just before Icecrown came out.

    3. I came back to the game after Togc was still all the rage.....literally. I got into a little alt-itus during that time, getting my paladin to 80, transfering my warrior from one server to this shaman from another server to this one (with a faction change), and for the most part just mucked around and took it easy. It was later that Icecrown was released, the glory of LFD was in full swing, epics were seeping out from every crevice, and I decided I was going to make a run for raiding again. I did what any barely 80 would do at that time, I facerolled the 3 ICC 5 mans and ToC for purples and did randoms ad nauseum for tier 9/10 gear.

    During a PoS run on my paladin (healing) I was "unfortunate" enough to be greeted at the cave part with a small group of a guild that were being very arrogant (or jokingly foolhardy, depending on your perspective) and were out to test my ability to heal. They were going to just run from start to finish, without the pause in the middle, and I would be damned if I let anyone die. Well one thing lead to another, I kept them all alive, and they invited me to their guild forthcoming.

    I figured this was going to be a temp thing, until I got to know them. They were not "that" arrogant at all (hence the () I included) , but very foolhardy in a laid back manner. After a while we formed a pretty tight clique (Me on my paladin,dk,warrior, the GM and his wife on their warriors, another fellow paladin and a druid), always dragging each other from what we are doing to do stuff together, like randoms or to try and get a raid started. It was a very family oriented atmosphere, we all knew each other pretty well.

    This is where I took up the now cliche title of officer of a guild, and we all worked very hard (or at least I did) to try and keep things together and orderly. It was all great fun, even with the ups and downs of handling a guild. It was a turning point for me guild wise, where I started to take a "fathering" position, helping out on everything, even when at times I didnt really want to. At the time the game for me was more about creating a whole, rather than filling my own character slots with items. I was very active, In and out of the game. And then like presumably always, It started to fall apart. The GM was in service, so him and his wife did some moving from time to time, and had their own private stress. This lead to many times where there wasnt a GM to lead the guild, so it was left to us officers. At a point, there was a sort of coup d'etat , where the GM just gave up the guild to US (but really only one of us could hold the in game privileges), came back, a choice few of the officers didnt want to give up the power and have the GM back and then succeeded, all while giving me a "its all going to be ok" smile when I would get every ones agreement to follow a certain path, and they would do another without me. The GM and his wife just disappeared from the game, the other officers left to join a progressing ICC HM guild and I just sat there wondering where all the pieces went so suddenly.

    I had such a sour taste in my mouth after that situation, and I tried to just move past it when Cata came out. I got my warrior and shaman to 85...and then just dropped the game again. Cata wasnt exciting at all to me and I was burned out on guilds with no friends around to play with.

    I later started the game up again when DS came out, and currently still play, although Ive had a few short breaks in between, but with the annual pass I never really "left" the game.

    So in short, there was a fantastic girl that got away, and inspiring friend that just vanished, and a warrior couple that were so very close to family that it killed me when it all went wrong.
    It would be great to still be around any of them, much like my friends long gone from my PSO days (thats a whole other long story).
    Its one of the disadvantages of being online only...and long distance at that; Its so easy to just lose touch with people on a whim, if its allowed.

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    My first guild when I started in BC had a really awesome girl. She played a Warlock and she was just about the best person to have by your side when new to the game. Server was Frostmane, don't remember anything else.

    Maybe it was just the new car feeling, but it felt like a better time with better people. I couldn't tell you who the GM of my mass guild is right now.

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    It's not so much a "never lost touch" as a "wish I could talk one last time".

    There was a hunter, named Masvita, in my first raiding guild back in BC, who I was relatively friendly with, not particularly any more so than with other guildies but friends nonetheless. Anyways, our guild, Ex Ultima Exitium on Altar of Storms, was pretty casual, only downing t4 content really (full cleared Kara, Mag, and Gruul at least =P). We tried to move up to t5 and raid TK, but failed miserably, and our GM decided to call it until Wrath launched (roughly a month before release I'd say). A core group of our raiders, led by Masvita, decided to break off and join a more reputable guild (Coalition). I was furious, and thought it was a stupid, treasonous, and intentionally malicious act to essentially destroy my first real guild just because we weren't progressing fast enough. I was also like 14 years old, and didn't know a damn thing. I made some really, really venomous posts, all of which I now regret, on our guild website and server forums before the guild collapsed berating the people who left. The guild collapsed despite my efforts, and ironically I actually ended up joining Coalition as a "friend of guild" (not a raider basically) and playing with almost the exact same people. I saw Masvita around quite a bit, but never really talked with her.

    Anyways, fast-forward and Wrath was coming to a close and somewhere in that midst Coalition collapsed and Masvita, along with some of my other Ex Ultima friends, disappeared. I really didn't think much of it at the time. But some months later, I was digging through my email account and found a notification that I had a private message on Ex Ultima's old guild website (I never check private messages, don't ask me why). Somehow, the site was still up. It was from Masvita, during the collapse of Ex Ultima, asking me why I was so cruel during the ordeal, and explaining how hard it was for her to make the decisions she did and how I what I did pretty much crushed her soul and took away the enjoyment she got from the game. She had considered me almost a real friend, and my words made her feel confused, terrible, and depressed over a game that was supposed to be fun. She still played, but it was never the same. When I read it, I was heartbroken.

    So if I had a chance to get in touch with one player, it would be Masvita, to tell her that I am sorry. I'd also love to catch up with an old guildy and see how life has been since 2008, and reminisce about old times.

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    A lot of the people from the raid community I lead along with a warrior called Yunaris, (Whom I am still in contact with) in TBC, on Argent Dawn EU. Near the end of the expansion, I did something incredibly dumb due to real life circumstances which meant that they weren't much for talking to me and I wasn't much for talking to them. I've found a few of the old people from Redemption still around on the server when I play my Priest (Sevyvia), a few even in the best raiding guild on the server nowadays. And while it obviously has nothing to do with me, I still feel a bit proud. For many of us, Redemption was something special, for some reason, though we never rose to be the furthest progressed on the server in TBC. We did kill everything faster than everyone else had, though. We didn't just have an excellent raid team, but we made it through many tough times and bosses together.

    Avael, Frizendell, Moorbroock, Darra, Sinnéd, Ennas, Telra, Dorien, Evridikki, Damodar, Namina, Neandor, Elayra, Ethlar, Draupne, Kujo, Lunitun, Allendria, Russta, Beeteebee, Neyfi, Silince, Eleonar, Xedria. I'm probably forgetting someone.

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    When I first started leveling, I met up with quite a few people whom I often joined up with. There were a small group of irl friends from a town not too far from mine who I and my irl friend used to quest and do dungeons with, although they were always a few levels ahead of us. Then, there was the Guild Master of the guild we were all a part of. I cannot remember his name, all I remember is that he was a human male rogue, I believe his character was blonde, and started with the letter G. Anyway, he was such a nice guy, and I would often team up with him to quest through the dangerous jungle of Stranglethorn. Having a rogue with me there sure made it a lot easier. He would often complain about people not wanting to join his guild, because it contained the word "ninja" and people only associated that with ninja looters. He was thinking about making a new guild only to change the name, but was afraid that a lot of people who weren't online would think they got gkicked, and we were enough to not remember the name of every single person.

    I can't remember exactly how or why it happened, but I remember joining a new guild. The small irl group I had done some dungeons with had started their own guild, but I believe this was after this rogue person vanished, because they were all friends with him too. I really miss seeing him around, even more so now that it's been some 7 years since I last saw him, and the nostalgic memories of leveling up my first toon in vanilla only gets stronger. I remember seeing him come online once after a couple of months, and I was thrilled. But I found out that he some personal things going on so he couldn't play WoW any longer, as whatever it was he was doing took up more time. I later switched server to play with more irl friends, effectively losing touch with the group of people I met around my 30s and played with for months and months up until 70. I miss them all, but since my first GM was the first to go, I miss him the most. At least I have the rest on facebook, but they don't play WoW any longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darnash View Post
    So if I had a chance to get in touch with one player, it would be Masvita, to tell her that I am sorry. I'd also love to catch up with an old guildy and see how life has been since 2008, and reminisce about old times.
    Damn. That's quite the story, even if it was short. "All of my feels" would be appropriate here, I guess. I hope you manage to find this Masvita person sometime!
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    it was on Bronze Dragonflight (EU).
    I was leveling my priest, Synstir, at lvl 50+.
    I met a person who was leveling there also and had some trouble with it. I think, not sure though, that this was that person's first char.... not sure though.
    He/she (I never asked if that person was make or female) asked me to help out on some quests, I did.
    Then we leveled up to 58, so we could enter Outland.

    This is the only player I remember and why I remember I don't know really. I don't know about if that player remembers me, it was a paladin I believe, but I sure do remember.
    The reason we lost contact is that I server transferred to raid ICC with some friends...... I still am on that other server.
    And to be honest I regret transferring now... as in some way I really miss that person. I don't know that name of that pala other wise I would've added him/her again... but I have no clue.
    We didn't have very exiting chats or anything.... what we did together wasn't very memorable either... the strange thing is that I miss it anyhow.

    So yeah, I wish I never lost contact. There was no Real ID at that time...

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    My friend Fly from my first guild. We had this sisterly thing going, I miss her lots.
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    I suppose it would be my first guild leader from when I was on Cenarion Circle. He was a good guy, quite literate and a good writer. In fact, it was his forum posting that caused me to put a toon on CC. He drifted off for a while--school I think--and I drifted off to another realm not long after as guild activity came to a standstill. Good person though; well missed.
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    Mine has to be a paly named xannder or a warlock name zarzoon. Some many good memories pvp/pve. They where willing to do stupid shit just for fun. One of those people you could always have fun with. They where both solid players too. Zarzoon was a great destro lock back in wrath and xannder was a steel wall of a tank. Me and him basically learned how to tank t11 together and would only raid together. Such a good combo

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    Calling out for my hero Jynx -Priest - Mazrigos (alliance side) during TBC

    She helped me to get better with my priest and I will never ever foget her :' )

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