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    Question Would this be ok?


    So i have two wow accounts one for EU and one for US but ive run out of character copies for my US and would like to copy some characters and premades from the EU wow would that be an ok thing to do i would rather ask coz there's been some things people wanted to do that seemed fine but blizz was not ok with it so yeah if i do that would blizz be fine with it? coz they are two different versions.

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    I'm pretty sure you can only charachter copy off the account which had the annual pass/beta invite!

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    well the account that got the beta wasnt the account that i used to copy coz the account that got it was the first ever wow i created which i later got a new one so thats not really 100% true and i cant copy anything from that wow coz theres no characters on it so i had to use whatever other one i had which was the one ive been using for the last 7 years.

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    As long as you have a EU/US WoW account on your battle.net account (even a trial!) you can use the premades of the other region, and it was in fact a common occurence on EU during Cata beta, when we had no premades available on EU (i.e. there technically were premade characters listed, but the queue was permamently disabled).
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