View Poll Results: Which priest race is hawter, Dont chu whsh your girlfriend was hawt like me.

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  • Blood Elf

    42 34.71%
  • Night Elf

    11 9.09%
  • Draenai

    16 13.22%
  • Human

    10 8.26%
  • Troll

    20 16.53%
  • Gnome

    4 3.31%
  • Dwarf

    6 4.96%
  • Worgen

    1 0.83%
  • Goblin

    3 2.48%
  • Tauren

    1 0.83%
  • Undead

    7 5.79%
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    Nelf ladies classiest ladies. Classy run, classy voice, classy stripper dance. ... .....

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  3. #23
    Goblin. end of discussion

  4. #24
    Female Draenei, no doubt.

  5. #25
    Belf, duh! But I did just re-roll a goblin priest on a new server and I have to say im really liking her! But she is not hotter sexier cuter or anything... I just wanted to try out a goblin lol.
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    Dwarf. But I'm biased since I've always played Dwarves.

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    Draenei! For the waggle!

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    I can't understand who really thinks that belfz are "good" looking, ffs. Skinny bitches with big feet. FEMALE TROLLS FTW111
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  9. #29
    I chose Worgen, since that's what my priest is and I love worgen, but I also love Blood Elves, Goblins, Tauren, and Draenei. ): It's so hard to choose.

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    Honestly, the idea of a Gnome using trinkets and engineered machines in addition to being a Priest as a healer has always appealed to me. Think like that doctor guy from Starcraft 2. Forget his name. The geeky guy with the crazy healing thing on his back in the second last mission. Yeah.

  11. #31
    Easy, human. Cause of the awesome animations and form

  12. #32
    I prefer the Female BE casting animations, though Nelf is a tight 2nd

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