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    [A] An Fianna 6/16 Hc (10m) - Aggramar - Recruiting!

    An Fianna is a semi hardcore raiding guild, we've been around on Aggramar for over 3 years and are one of the top guilds on the server. We have stable leadership and a stable roster, we're here to stay. We have improved a lot during Cataclysm ending up with a 10% nerf kill on Madness Heroic. We also completed every raiding meta achievement during Cataclysm. We want to continue our rise in the rankings in MoP. Our progress has been a bit below our own standart lately, though not bad, due to the attendance/performance of certain people and we're searching for a few people who can complement our roster which is capable if much better.

    We have a core of members who have been with us for a long time. Our core of members are skilled players with ambition and dedication who are capable of better rankings. The kind of member we are looking for is skilled at playing their class, has good raid awareness and high attendance. Also very important is dedication and a will to do better/strive for more. In the end we're not a guild full of elitists though, and are all still in it for the laughs and good times. We have a very friendly atmosphere within the guild and like to joke around on farm, but during progress we get serious.

    Currently recruiting:
    - Ranged spot for a shadow priest, a good/skilled heal offspec to fill in when a healer is missing is a BIG advantage.
    - Ranged spot for an elemental shaman, again a good/skilled heal offspec to fill in when a healer is missing is a BIG advantage.
    - Highly skilled and dedicated players of any class/spec. We will give you a shot if we think you can outperform some of our raiders. Wether it be tank/healer/melee/ranged, if you're good and dedicated we want you!

    What we expect from you:
    - You are good at English, it is mandatory that you're capable of talking on TS3 during encounters. You don't have to be chatty but calling out things can be important during progress.
    - You are able to attend almost all of the raids. Due to our current needs and current roster we're most interested in people who can make it to all 4 raids on an average weekly basis. We do ofcourse understand that things can and do sometimes come up, it's like that for everyone.
    - You show up to raids prepared. Knowing the tactics of the current tier is ofcourse very important, and having your character propperly min/maxed. This includes knowing your class and your spec inside and out, you are always trying to improve yourself and your character.

    Additional information:
    Raid times:
    - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 19:45 - 23:00
    - *(Optional! alt run, Friday: 20:00 - until we feel like we're done.)
    If content is on farm we usually cut back on the amount of days we actually raid, and sometimes move the alt run to one of the normal raid days.

    *Not currently started yet in MoP, will probably start soon.

    Guild website:
    WoW progress link:

    Additional information to help with your application:
    Take your time writing the application, the more information the better. Please log out in the correct gear for the role you are applying as. Linking a World of Logs parse is required, if you don't have one - make one. It is not hard, we can inform you on how to do it if needed. If you have no other posibilities, a log of you in LFR is still better then nothing.

    For any questions or just a chat feel free to contact our officers: Liayda and Elveren in game or send a PM on our forums. If you want to have a chat on our teamspeak or with Liayda on skype even better!

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