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    Athlon II X4 641

    This particular processor popped on Passmark's performance per price a few days ago as a top leader with the 631 right below it. Has anyone had an experience with this particular CPU? The fact it's performance benchmark is listed within 5% of the i5-2500K has me rather suspicious of the numbers. Passmark Athlon II X4 641 Results and Comparison

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    They are pretty low end, Socket FM1. Decent bang for the buck, but nowhere near a 2500k.

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    I'm just sayin' what the Passmark websites claims is rather skeptical. Supposedly the CPUs have a lot of room for overclocking since the 6x1 models don't have an internal GPU/is disabled, perhaps that's were the numbers are coming from. I find it very doubtful that the CPU at factory settings can be listed at a passmark benchmarking rating of 6,400 with the 2500K at 6,700.

    EDIT: In fact that number just dropped from 6,400 to 5,000 as of a few hours ago; so obviously something is wrong with the data provided thus far.
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    Samples: 2
    There is your problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostea23 View Post
    This particular processor popped on Passmark's performance per price
    Passmark has got very little to do with reality of gaming computers, and is almost as bad word as THG on these forums.

    Also as you said it's performance per price, not absolute performance. Athlons are very cheap and offer decent multicore performance which is what Passmark shows, but the performance per core which is what gamers are interested in doesn't compare, not even close.
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    There is your problem.
    Indeed. Not enough samples.

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