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    Never played Diablo

    heya i know the game is different from wow control wise and gameplay wise, just wondering what people do when they have "completed" the story and such ? and i thought game was single player yet i see people mentioning upto 8 players ? any other information on the game would be nice, thanx.

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    The game is optional co op up to 4 players. (d1/2 were 8)

    You complete the storyline on normal difficulty and then you can progress through the same game on higher difficulty levels, nightmare, hell and inferno. The last will be much more difficult to beat, and require you to have good gear which you may need to farm on lower difficulty settings, or buy. At any stage you can play the game in co op mode, either with friends on battle.net or just through the public group system.

    There is no real finish point, the aim is to get the best gear and be as badass as possible.

    If that's too tame for you, you can choose to play hardcore mode, which is single death, game over and then the aim is to complete the game with a character and be as awesome as possible, without any deaths. On death you lose that character forever.

    There will also be arena based pvp following the launch in a future patch.

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    you control the momvements of your character by point and click, the 2 main mousebuttons are pretty much your mainspells you use, the keys 1-4 are your actionbuttons, there are your active and passiv skills stored you are ably to use while fighting, you can switch between skills and talents

    you couldn´t in d1/d2, whenever you placed some skillpoints wrong back then, your char was eventually gimped or messed up, after any patch where changes were made eventually your char could have lost it´s power, because skills changed but you weren´t able to change skillpoints so, delete and start again

    none of your equipment is soulbound or bound to your character, so starting all over again wasn´t that big of a deal
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    cool sounds near enough what i was imagining, thanx for responding

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    You should pick up Diablo2. It's fairly cheap and should give you a general idea of what to expect.

    Obviously some things in D3 are improved (such as the new actionbar system. Love it so much, WAY easier than using the Function keys in D2!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by akamurdoch View Post
    what people do when they have "completed" the story and such
    Farm items. Ad infinitum.
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    Pretty much, will be epic

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    Ohhh man.... im really getting old now that we have people who have never played diablo =)

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    I'm 33 and i've never played it. Just slipped under my radar. I guess I was too busy playing the Quake franchise. I'd never played a Warcraft game until WoW.

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    oh man dont say that. you make me feel old.
    gosh the good old day

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