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    Feedback on my white computer

    Hello everyone. A while ago i posted some idea's for a new build, and got the advice to wait untill i actually had the chance to buy the components.
    Now that i do, here is my revised list of components. Let me know what you think, and dont feel bad about slapping me for ordering parts in advance (maybe i'll learn my lesson, and post before i order in the future)

    purpose: playing vidya games! (only that, have two macs for media work) im expecting to run the new titles on 1920x1080 on close to ultra settings.
    budget (including monitor): about 1600 euro. (my ordered parts come in at €595, so that leaves me about €760 for a CPU, GPU, SSD & HDD
    and €250 for a monitor.
    my location: the Netherlands

    Case: NZXT 810 Switch (ordered, with e.t.a. of 20 to 30 days.. grr. oh well, hopefully i'll have the chance to pick up the;
    CPU i5-3750K ~190 euro (?)
    Fan Havik 140 (ordered)
    Mem 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance low profile (arctic white) (ordered)
    Mobo Asrock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 (ordered)
    GPU Sapphire HD7870 OC
    PSU Hale90 650W (ordered)
    SSD Crucial M4 128 GB
    HDD Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB

    I decided to spend somewhat more on the case, fan, and psu as they are the parts that outlast any other piece of PC hardware, and the NZXT stuff is just stunning. i've ordered them in early as the delivery wait estimates are kinda high. I realise the PSU isn't well known up to now, but several reviews i found stated it's a solid semi-modular PSU. (that matches the white look im going for to boot!)

    Furthermore, im still looking for a nice monitor.
    doubting between the Dell u2412m (about 230 euro) and the Asus ve276q (about 240 euro).
    edging towards the 27" asus, as its bigger, and seems to be better for gaming.

    Feedback would be welcome! ^_^

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    Why order the mobo when the Z77 chipset will be out before the new CPUs?

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    Yeah Z77 Extreme4, we are just waiting a for price.
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    http://www.airetechit.co.uk/e-shop/i...USD&livemode=1 185$ there but I bet when it does come out it will be about 15 bucks cheaper.

    Edit: I think it is going to look great but good luck keeping that joker clean after a year or two.Also if you want to step down on a video card but have it white here you go http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...axy-_-14162088
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    Thanks! I wasnt aware that new mobo's are available. the z77 is cheaper then the z68, so i'll ask if i can swap them over.
    Also. could you guys tell me what the improvements are over the z68?

    -Edit; it's about the same as the z68 with a native usb3 controller? and for less money that is. 156 euro for the z68 and 126 for the z77. seems obvious now.

    and thanks for the videocard suggestion, though I think i'll stick with the 7870.
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    Yeah 7870 is a beast and should handle anything you throw at it for now at least.

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