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    Diablo 3 - 15% Discount code - UK - Collectors & Normal

    Hi guys,

    I have just recieved this discount code from Tesco Entertainment www.tescoentertainment.com which gives you 15% off your order. So for example the Collectors Edition with the voucher you can now get for just about £59 instead of £69. I had already ordered a copy of the collectors edition, but when I saw this I placed an order and may cancel my other order now.

    Tesco also claim it will be dispatched in time to be with you on release date. Plus free delivery!

    It is only valid for the first 3000 customers and it can be used on anything on their website.

    Code: EX-15OFF15-1

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    Thanks for the heads up! Just placed an order so hoping they come through with their release day promise. I'm not sure what to do with my Amazon pre-order though, I notice you can't buy the collector edition at the moment.

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    Thank you very much indeed. the code worked fine.

    EDIT: Doesn't seem like they deliver to foreign countries, can you confirm this?
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