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    Elvui Target buffs problem.

    hey there,

    I just played some battlegrounds and realized that my target frames are totally crap for pvp.

    the reason is i didnt see any buffs like Iceblock Bop or even Bubble cause elvui shows me these shitty buffs like Priestbuffs arcane int etc.

    anyone know how i can ignore these 1hour or passive buffs like Trueshot aura without making a new filter and adding all the buffs by hand :E.

    it really sucks when you are shootin around and realize that your target had protection up :E

    ty 4 help

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    Unit Frames
    Target Frame
    Filter: TurtleBuffs

    Unit Frames
    "Create New" and add, by name, the buffs you want to see.

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    That worked wonders! TYVM!

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