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    Ami 1 Sage PvP video

    Hi guys! My first video, Ami 1 Sage PvP, is up on swtormovies.com. I would love to get some feedback, in the form of comments, ratings, etc!

    The video showcases my valor 67 Sage, DPS and Healing clips, WZs, general gameplay tips/comments, and music of course. Please check it out!

    Also, as this is my first post on MMO-champion in a looong time (I just created a new account)...I cannot link it in this post. However, it is one of the featured videos of the day on swtormovies.com! :-/


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    Much appreciated Forsedar!

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    you're good =) so many people fail at warzone tips and tricks its utterly astonishing (aka distracting FIVE people, even though 2 are dumb, is still pretty hard)

    BTW, imo you should add more zigg killing, so funny

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    Shameless self-promotion bump! Would love some feedback on swtormovies! (First and last bump here). Thanks for watching!!


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    Everyone should be familiar with the advertising rules of MMO-Champion. Please review the FAQ. All FAQ rules do apply to this forum as well.

    If you want to post videos, find either the appropriate sticky, or contribute to the forums, first. Don't just post to shamelessly promote yourself

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