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    Convince me to buy Diablo 3

    I have watched many videos, read many articles etc. but still i don't think Diablo 3 looks any fun.

    I have Diablo 2, and i played it some back then, but i never really wanted to play it, it never caught me.

    So... Why should i buy Diablo 3? Many of my friends are looking so much forward to it but i don't really look forward to it at all.

    What is the tight about Diablo 3 really that makes it so popular?
    Why should pay 39 euros for this game?

    Of all i've read there's nothing that really makes me wanna play it. It looks to me like any other game which i'm never gonna buy. I need to be convinced, and i need a good reason if i'm gonna buy it.

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    I don't work at Blizzard, I don't care if you don't buy.

    Seriously.... Look videos, decide.

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    If you didn't like d2, you probably will not like d3 too. Its great game and the best in its genre but not everybody has to like it.

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    If you wait a few months after release you'll be able to play a demo and see for yourself if you like it. It's really not for everyone though, don't force yourself if it's not your style of game.

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    If you like the style of game (Dungeon siege and torchwood both do it in a semi similar style) it's that with a fair bit of character depth bolted on. If you don't you won't like it.

    Why do you have to like something just because your friends do?

    Never played any of the Call of Duty or Battlefield series, they don't really interest me despite them being apparently huge not to be missed franchises. It's not like I don't enjoy that style of game either, (played most of the rainbow six inspired games and loved em along with plenty of other shooters like half life and deus ex) I just haven't been bothered.
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    Buy Diablo 3 or I'll torture your dog

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    Why should we convince you to give money to someone that is not us?
    Players will no longer randomly suffer falling damage.

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    It may just not be your type of game. There is nothing wrong with that. You don't need to get it at release if you aren't convinced. Ask one of your friends to play if you are mildly interested.

    If you aren't worried about the money, just buy the game and check it out. It's only a one time charge unlike the many subscription based games out now.

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    Different strokes for different folks? Don't buy things just because your friends do.

    If it doesn't look fun to you, and especially if you didn't like Diablo 2, Diablo 3 will probably not compel you either.

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    Never played much of Diablo 2 either. I could never get past the first act of the desert level before getting bored, but I did finish the first game. Gameplay-wise, they are all pretty much the same, just the mechanics are different. Tried the Diablo 3 beta. Found it boring too. Sign up for the beta, see if you get in? My brother was saying he finished the game during the beta two Saturday's ago (I didn't even know you can). Him and his friends used to play Diablo 2 online in hardcore mode. Get to level 99 or whatever and top the western US ladder. And he didn't even like D3 much. He said it felt too much like playing WoW, but overhead view, which was funny because when I first saw WoW in Dec. 2004, it looked like Diablo 2 in 3-D. My brother said it best though: "Like SC2, Diablo 3 will sell millions right off the bat because it's a Blizzard game and because people are nostalgic, but games and gamers have changed in the last ten years, while these games haven't."

    Maybe I'll fire it up and finish it on the beta so I can save my money.

    What makes Diablo popular is pretty much what makes WoW popular: the carrot and the stick. Basically it's the Skinner box game design that has taken over games these days. It's not really all that engaging of a game.

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    If you dont like it, dont play it. As simple as that.

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    Nope i wont, it sucks :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by mercutiouk View Post
    Why do you have to like something just because your friends do?
    Because playing games where i can't play with people i know irl is boring. I wouldn't play wow if i didn't know anyone irl who played it.

    Trying to convince some of them to start with Swtor

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    Personally I was a big Diablo 2 fan, really enjoyed the game. Then I recently got an invite to diablo 3, played it, didn't like it. Won't buy it.

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    I despise these threads

    Research the game and make a decision...dont let complete internet strangers decide for you

    just stop

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    You kill stuff endlessly while having to be smart about taking damage and collect gear while mashing few buttons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elementsen View Post
    Personally I was a big Diablo 2 fan, really enjoyed the game. Then I recently got an invite to diablo 3, played it, didn't like it. Won't buy it.
    You shouln't judge a game out from the beta, ACT 1 or the small part we've seen is to teach new players further in and after ACT 1 things will get harder than what we see in the beta currently.

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    Imagine Earth was being invaded by the burning hells. angels and demons roamed the Earth killing anything in it's path. A stone with a soul inside is what is leading this army but only when it's forced into the skull of another, then they become the beast within. This demon Diablo is terrorizing all of Earth with nothing to stop him, except you.

    You must journey to a new hell and find this demon to destroy him once and for all. In order to do that, you will need to slay everything in your path and become stronger and stronger. Maybe if you manage to find and slay him, Earth will rest again... at least for now.

    Isn't that worth fighting for? Isn't it worth... dying for?

    (^^^ terrible...I tried, but I am still very tired)
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    WRONG! Those are the BEST discussions!

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    I played D3 beta it's awesome if you don't buy this game you will be a loser for the rest of your life.

    Did that work?

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    I don't get why I/we should convince you to play anything. Don't like it, don't play it

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