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    [Solved] Skada multiple windows

    Hello! I am the video recorder for my guild and I'm searching for ways to get this "problem" fixed and maybe you guys may give a hand of help I want to know if there is another add-on that does the same thing with Recount, I am using Skada for heals and Recount for damage done, but Recount 'eats' a tone of memory. Is there another one better? Or can I have window of healing and damage done in the same time from only Skada?If yes, can you show/tell me how?

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    There's a forum for that.

    You can have multiple Skada windows. I haven't found a way to do that with Recount yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prag View Post
    There's a forum for that.
    Can you please tell me where?

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    Quote Originally Posted by herlicska View Post
    Can you please tell me where?
    It's a sticky in the Interface and Macro's forum

    And Skada can have multiple windows open.

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    Oh the joy of finding 1 thing in 500 pages!

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    Easy answer:
    - Type /skada config
    - Click on "Windows"
    - In the entry box type "yourwindownamehere" (whatever you'd like to call that window; heals, dps, threat, etc...)
    - Another header will show up below the default "Skada" in the menu, configure this window like the default one (ie - bar texture, font, font size, etc...)

    This will create a new Skada window for you - which is essentially, the same as the default window created for you. From there, choose the header you'd like to show (dps, heal, threat, etc... ), basically, treat it like a second Skada (because it essentially is).

    Skada lets you create multiple windows of the same thing; you can have 10 windows showing all of the same thing or you could have 10 windows showing everything Skada tracks - it's up to you.

    Regardless, create a second window, navigate to the desired tracking header and have two windows open at once - there is no need to run two monitors (ie - recount and skada) ONLY to show two different types of data. The only reason anyone would run both meters is because they favor one meter's tracking methods, blahblah skada vs recount junk.

    If you literally ONLY want to see Heals and DPS in two separate windows, Skada can do this (and you do it by mimicking what I typed above).

    Disclaimer - This may or may not have made sense. Either way, click on Windows and make a new window with your own name, I think you'll get it from there.

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