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    HORDE: <Bad Guys> Mal'Ganis - PVP (US) *Currently 5/8 HM* Recruiting!

    Currently we are in search of the following classes/specs:
    One Mage (With willingness to switch between fire/arcane.)
    One Warlock (With willingness to switch between specs.)

    In addition, we are interested in filling out our roster for potential 25 mans for the next expansion. Meaning, if you have what we're looking for in terms of player value, it is possible to accept you. There are no guarantees, however.

    Tues-Thurs 7PM EST to 11PM EST

    Our expectations as a guild is:

    To be a mature member of the guild:
    - This implies a dedicated mindset, "As long as others are willing to work with me to get this content down. I will work with them regardless of whether I like this person or not."
    - I will show up to the raid every day, on time. If not, I will notify an officer with my reason why.
    - "Oh no! I lost the gear roll! Oh well, I suppose I can wait for next week."

    Taking responsibility:
    - "I apologize, I made a mistake, I will try my very hardest to improve and avoid making the same mistake multiple times and will never blame someone else for something unless I am certain that it was not my fault. In which case, I will explain the situation with a level head void of emotional attachment."

    Contributing to success:
    - All of the above, in addition to reaching above and beyond by making friends within the guild and getting along with everyone.
    - "I understand why I was sat out, it will better the guild and once that fight is mastered, I will be invited back."

    - Keeping calm even during the event of a potential wipe, it's not over until the raid leader says so!
    - Striving to be the best even when it seems hopeless. (Nothing wrong with friendly competition!)
    - "My activity in raids will not only benefit me, but all of the raid members as well."

    Have Fun!
    - Raiding can be stressful, we like to have fun! After all, it is a game, we all play it for the same reason, fun. After raids there are plenty of things to do in World of Warcraft and it's encouraged to jump in and engage in activities with the guildies. Invite them to battlegrounds, do old content, explore, whatever you want!

    Hey! You read it all? Good stuff. Still interested in joining? Whisper Amaeyth, Ilnadi, or Alexares on Mal'Ganis US PVP (Horde) with any questions, comments, or things of the like. (Or leave a comment here! I'll get to you as quickly as possible.)
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    I'm interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cashbar View Post
    I'm interested
    What is your class/spec and current experience in raiding this expansion?
    In addition, do you have full enchantments and gems?

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    disc/holy/shadow priest, full enchants/gems.

    6/12 H ICC
    6/6 H BWD
    2/5 H BOT
    1/2 H TOTFW
    6/7 H firelands
    6/8 normal DS

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    Alright. I'll be on this Sunday at 5PM Pacific Time. I'll be on my rogue, Amaeyth. I'll ask you a few other questions and you'll get a chance to chat with some of the officers. Looking forward to seeing you there.

    If you can't make it at that time for some reason, I'll also be on Saturday and Monday at 4PM Pacific.

    EDIT: Can't make Saturday, important event.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amaeyth View Post
    bumpy bump
    Actually, we're 8/8HM

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