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    When Rift did it, they used a specialized proprietary engine and built their game around events like these. The TOR engine uses scripted events based on player input. Its possible to put Rift-style events in guess, but I can't see how they'd do it without reworking their game engine like obdigore said.

    Also, that is YOUR opinion, and I doubt you know any more about either game engine than anyone else.

    The thing is the hero engine that the game was based on shares little if any resemblance to what is now the star wars engine. While it was licensed the thing has been chopped up and reversed engineered so much that its only not proprietary in the legal/business sense of the word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by obdigore View Post
    I think that neat ideas are neat ideas, but implimenting events like this in TOR's engine and code base would be extremely difficult. Especially since they seemingly have not been planning for it.
    Here, here! The game chugs as it is, I don't think these ideas, although great, won't be feasible till the engine gets optimized a lot more.

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    That is your opinion and I hope you know the engine in great detail to validate your opinion.
    One word: Ilum

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    As many have said it is not something you simply add or WoW would have done it by now. They have to build the game around it. It would definitely solve the issue of the game having a single player RPG feel to is and completely dead worlds in my opinion. Doubt they will ever do it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuntantee View Post
    You have no idea about sw:tor engine but you do claim it's not capable of X or Y. Are you serious? And what do you mean with bold part? How do you know they have such module which runs without user input?
    What I mean by the bold part is: You click something, it does something. You kill something, it starts a respawn timer. On and on. I do know a bit about game engines actually, and I have a healthy respect for the amount of work that goes into them. What Trion did with Rift events was not trivial. If it was, more developers would just plop that kind of content in their games. I'm not saying its impossible for TOR to do, but it would require a significant amount of work for Bioware to pull off - the kind of work you don't see outside new expansions. The same goes for quest instances, world phasing, and so on. They require significant investments of time and money to get to work, especially if you didn't start with them in mind.

    And as Obidore said, the kind of one-time content they're putting in after 1.2 is nothing like the system Rift has. Its more like a one-time-only holiday week in WoW.
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