View Poll Results: wich mount do u like the most?

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  • wind riders

    8 1.14%
  • grypthon/ dk mount

    14 2.00%
  • hippogryph

    55 7.85%
  • proto drake

    110 15.69%
  • fireland birds

    81 11.55%
  • frostwyrm

    84 11.98%
  • blac/red/amber drake and anything with same modell

    31 4.42%
  • ashes of al'ar

    109 15.55%
  • Rockets

    18 2.57%
  • flying horses

    30 4.28%
  • carpets

    9 1.28%
  • anything i forgot

    152 21.68%
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    Herald of the Titans Draknalor186's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    let proto drakes rule the universe

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    I'm a big hippogryph fan. When the first one came out in TBC, I didn't like it much. Might have been the color. But now they're my favorite mounts. I find a lot of the "cool" mounts way too big and obtrusive. The hippogryphs are a decent size and have great animations.

    As cool as the new Wind Serpents look, they're still too big so I think I'll stick to my hippogryphs.

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    I'm particularly fond of my Netherwing drake.

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    Druid fly form Mount- Firelands glory

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    Stood in the Fire Evisiling's Avatar
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    My Aeonaxx mount Phosphorescent or however its spelt :P

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    I love my protodrakes. It is the only one that I have every variation in my random mount add-on checked off to chose from.

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    Ashes of al'ar / zure proto drake

  8. #48
    Mimiron's head by a mile.

    Hippogryph's in a distant second.

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    My favorite mount depends on my character im playing as.

    For example on my Death Knight my 25 man ICC Frost Drake is my favorite because its one of the few mounts I can ride that make me feel like i'm an inhuman knight of the alliance. My toon is an undead worgen (or orc, depending on my faction) so the mount I ride must reflect this. Only the Frostwyrm feels right as its an undead drake. For Awhile it was the Headless Horseman's mount and then it was Invincible, however once I earned my Icebound Frost Drake, it just felt right to me.

    For my Paladin, its Tyreal's charger. The wings of light, the horse, just feels very Paladin like.

    Probably gonna get alot of hate for this, but on my Mage, its the Celestial steed. It just feels like a mount a mage should ride, however only as arcane, when im Fire, I ride upon the Ragnaros fire bird mount (forgot the name)

    Warlock is the Headless Horsemen's mount. The undead textures and the green fire hooves just fit my warlock very well.

    My warrior rides the Ironbound Proto Drake from Ulduar. My Hunter rides upon the Green Proto drake from the Oracle dailys. My Shadow Priest rides upon the Corrupted Egg of Miligazor, and when she is holy or disc, the Tyreal charger.

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    Green proto drake.

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    On my druid, I use swift flight form because it's instant cast and fits the class.
    On my DK, I use a frostwyrm mount because it fits the class best imo.
    On my paladin, I use Invincible.
    I like ponies and I really don't care what you have to say about that.

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    The Unstoppable Force Resentful's Avatar
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    Protohawks or firehawks whatever you want to call them, Despite they are a reskin and such of a protodrake.

    They are amazing

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    High Overlord Texxi's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    My favorite flying mount is Ashes of Al'ar ( Damn you Blizzard. 75 Kills on Kael'thas - Never even seen it dropping )
    And my second one is Life Binder's Handmaiden. Just because it's god damn Alexstrasza.
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    Voted black/red/amber drake models because that includes Azure drake, experiment 12-B and mottled drake, 3 of my most used mounts ^_^

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    Netherdrake always will have a special place. I got it early on in BC. I started about 3-4 months after BC started, and then when I hit 70, didn't have a lot to do because the raid team in my guild was full, so I just started farming and doing dailies in skettis and ogri'la, until I had the 5k for epic flying. It was a lot of work to get that much together back then, and I was the only one with epic flying in my guild when I bought it-- everyone else was still on the 60% flying, so the 270 with my pallies crusader was insanely fast compared to everyone else. Then I ground out the netherwing rep and got the netherdrake-- there was almost no one else on my server with one, so it was pretty cool to have.

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    My Protodrakes, my Blazing Drake, my Netherwing Drake, my Nether Ray and ... too many i love :>

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    High Overlord Hatsjoe's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    The one that flies, no but really, I couldn't care less. As long as my mount keeps flying, I'm okay with it.

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    The Lightbringer dacoolist's Avatar
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    The reason I love the Frostwyrms so much are because I was able to earn one while the content was current. It's the only mount besides the Cata heroic dungeon stone drake that I was able to earn while the content was current and not nerfed. BUT obviously the mount everyone and their mother would love to own would be Ashes... it's just well you know... big time RNG hahah <3

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    I voted flying horses for Invincible.
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    Herald of the Titans Draknalor186's Avatar
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    on my DK tho i really like my bone bird =P and the sandstone drake

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