View Poll Results: wich mount do u like the most?

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  • wind riders

    8 1.14%
  • grypthon/ dk mount

    14 2.00%
  • hippogryph

    55 7.85%
  • proto drake

    110 15.69%
  • fireland birds

    81 11.55%
  • frostwyrm

    84 11.98%
  • blac/red/amber drake and anything with same modell

    31 4.42%
  • ashes of al'ar

    109 15.55%
  • Rockets

    18 2.57%
  • flying horses

    30 4.28%
  • carpets

    9 1.28%
  • anything i forgot

    152 21.68%
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    Herald of the Titans Draknalor186's Avatar
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    your favorite flying mount?

    so im wondering what everyones favorite flyiing mount is
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    No netherwing drakes?!

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    Ashes, definitely Ashes, but the cyan Netherwing drake was always a pretty one to me ^_^
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    Fluffy Kitten Darsithis's Avatar
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    Love my DK mount - the bone gryphon

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    I love the engineer mounts. \o/

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    Herald of the Titans Draknalor186's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by rokk View Post
    No netherwing drakes?!
    thats why i added the last option xD

    i forgot netherwing drake, that skettis, stonedrake/wind drake and more =P
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    I am Murloc! Firebert's Avatar
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    Spent ages farming my Argent Hippogriff on my Priest so he had both the Argent title and the Mount and the Tabard.

    He so ceeeeeuuuuull.
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    The ones that actually fly so the nearly free one I got at level 60 in Hellfire

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    Personally I love to ride any of my 5 proto-drakes. Even though I have Al'ar and other rarer mounts.
    It's just that I just always loved the proto-drake model, and from those the Time-lost or Blue are my favorite.

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    I don't have a particular favourite, but I do like A'lar, the Corrupted Egg of Millagazor and Netherwing Drakes

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    Back in the days of TBC i loved the netherdrake just as much as anyone else.

    I'm certain like other folks though, that once you get Ashes of Alar, it's hard to find a replacement.

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    i love my little Invincible :X

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    Herald of the Titans Draknalor186's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by rokk View Post
    No netherwing drakes?!
    but, tbh shouldent netherwing drake fall under the catagory blac/red/amber drake and anything with same modell ? since it is kinda the same modell just more nether-ish

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    Of my collection I prefer my Mottled Drake, but Invincible or Onyxian Drake would be nice as well :/

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    The green proto-drake. It might just be me but i love it. especially since it ttook me close to 3 years to get it. It was the best day in my life (not really).

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    I voted for Ashes, but i dont have one. My favorite one that i have has to be Vial of the Sands.

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    Invincible or Blue Dragonhawk. Invincible because it's Invincible, and Blue Dragonhawk because its so smooth.
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    The frostwyrms/bone drakes look extra cool compared to most other flying mounts.

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    For me it's definitely a hippogryph, most likely the white one from the argent tournament. I hardly ever use anything else on my priest that owns it, because it seems to be one of the smallest flying mounts to me and has very unobtrusive animations. I never use any of the dozens of drakes and stuff I own, because I absolutely loathe giant mounts.

    So Hippogryph it is for me, or the ordinary (formerly slow) gryphons for any alts as I am to lazy to get them a hippogryph as well.
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    High Overlord Ryuuki's Avatar
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    Is it too early to say that I am already in love with the Wind Serpent mounts (green one especially)?

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