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    Tier 6 Talents for Shadow?

    So, after looking around at the priest talent trees i see that all the talents in our 6th and final Talent point are all "Holy" or "Divine" and to me looks appealing as a Holy/Disc priest. Since im an shadow priest however i wonder if there will be some kind of shadow touch for those abilities as casting holy spells in shadowform would be kinda lame, especially if they forced us to leave Shadowform making them near useless.

    So what do you think, will there be a shadowy touch on those last talents or are they gonna keep it all Holy and Divine?

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    from the talent calculator vampiric dominance seems like the obvious choice, even though it seems pretty shit

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    Assuming your looking at the talent trees from the official site, i dont think those are up to date to whats happening on the beta where we currently have Halo Cascade and Divine Star, check wowhead out for those

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