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    Exclamation LF Server Active During Mornings EST

    I'm not entirely sure this is where to post this, but I'm looking for a realm that has a number of guilds or active people on between 7am to mid-afternoon EST . I recently landed a long term job where I'll be working 11-7am night shift, but I still want to keep current and be able to raid heroics and do the odd rated-BG.

    It seems like I can only find 1 extreme or the other. Servers are either dead during these times with the odd soccer mom logged in to do her daily, or I'm forced to go on a 15k+ pop realm where I can hardly keep up with trade chat and have to speak portugese/link all my achievements.

    North American version of WoW if that makes any difference. Halp?

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    You didn't indicate if you're EU or US or not (or I just missed it), but if you are US, Stormrage is an amazing server. It's 6th ranked overall on wowprogress and 11th for 25 mans. There is literally anything to do at all times of the day whether it be at 4 am or 10pm or 9 am - PUGS (many go 2 or 3/8 Heroic), transmog runs, etc. The only negative for some people is pvp is basically non existent and there's almost no Horde. For me though, pvp doesnt matter and I actually prefer all Alliance since it makes our server much more active but without an excessive amount of lag. There are numerous morning (around 7 am) and late night (around midnight) guilds and there must be like 30 guilds that are 2/8 HM plus. The guild I'm currently in has an am and pm team (25 man) so you could check them out if you want. PM me if you're interested. Even if you're not, there's plenty of guilds here that would suit your needs.

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