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    [H] <Rehab> - US Black Dragonflight 5/8H DS LFM

    Website: www.Rehabguild.com

    Current priority needs:
    Druid - Moonkin
    Priest - All specs
    Shaman - Ele, Resto
    Pally - Ret, Holy
    Hunter - Surv
    Mage - Legendary preferred

    All 25 man raid spots are competitive to ensure that our raiders stay on top of their game and to ensure a high quality raid environment.

    We are located on the PvP server Black Dragonflight.

    Current raid times are:
    Wednesday 8pm-12am
    Thursday 8pm-12am
    Sunday 8pm-12am
    *All times are EST*

    We were 6/7 HM FL, and we are currently 5/8 HM's in DS 25. We were progressing rapidly til we hit a few road bumps with people having RL issues and such which essentially halted our progression. Since then we have rebuilt and picked up where we left off, adding a new kill during our first week back in 25 mans.

    We distribute loot by means of the EPGP system, which rewards long term contribution to the guild but also provides less of a barrier to newer members to get gear. We understand that loot is easier to come by in this stage of the game, but we still reward loot fairly and evenly.

    --Exceptional applicants of any class are always welcome--

    All possible recruits should:
    - Have a thorough knowledge of their class and all specs
    - Be prepared to consistently play at a high level
    - Be able to fill out a proper guild application at www.rehabguild.com
    - Have a sense of humor (our raiders love to joke around! While we get serious when boss pulling is involved, we all love a good joke or two at the expense of each other)
    - Have fun while raiding. While we do take our progression very seriously, we all play this game to have fun. If you are going to get overly upset on wiping to a new boss a few times, this guild...and probably this game, are not right for you.

    If interested, apply online at our previously mentioned website, or pm an officer in game.

    Officers - Swift, Mondlevic

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    I have applied to your guild via your website and I am eagerly awaiting your response. Your raid schedules is perfect and I can't wait to show you guys what I can do to be a useful and valuable member of your team.

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