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    Disc trinket question for H Madness.

    So since I spend a big portion of my time on H Madness, doing nothing but smiting, I was wondering what trinkets people are using, mainly if they are replacing their Heart of Unliving for something else. I was thinking about using my Insignia of the Corrupted mind, but with PI, the amount of static has I already have and the haste buff for Norz, I'm close to being GCD capped already. I also have bottled wishes (lawl) and I could totally buy the Rune of Zeth from Hyjal, which might not be too terrible.

    Probably isn't a huge deal overall, our dps looks to be on time and I am already using my Dragonwrath anyway, just thought I would ask for some input.

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    If youre Disc and Smiting a lot you want the big Int. I think I used H Jaws of Defeat and H Seal of the Seven Signs for our first H Madness kill (Seal procs off Atonement heals if you are specced into it).

    I wasnt interested in Heart of Unliving for Disc because at the time it had no Int and PS/Barrier being too good for progression meant I was never Holy.

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    I use my jaws of defeat and Will of unbinding (LFR version). Heart of unliving simply isn't worth it due to the insane of smiting you can do on this fight. Ended up doing 28k dps last time we killed it

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    Maybe you can get your hands on "Will of Unbinding". When its about to fall off you simply cast sw: p and and it refreshes (only one time, not every tick)
    Mastery is useless for your damage, crit is kind of meh so you only choices are int or haste.
    Since you dont want haste the 780 int of "Will of Unbinding"(raidfinder version) would be the best choice if you can keep the stack up (as said above-> one gcd ever 10 sec when you are not smiting anyways)

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